Easy-To-Use Development Software For Career Prospects

There’s so much talk these days about the best ways to advance career prospects and what the best course of action to take is that it’s easy to get lost in the sea of advice. eReflect, dedicated to providing self-development software, also supports people in their efforts to sharpen their skills and acquire new ones. The company knows that by doing so, people have a better chance at succeeding in today’s cut-throat job market.

Among the many skills people are expected to master by the time they professionally enter the job market, eReflect finds that vocabulary, spelling, and touch typing are in most employers’ “Top Ten” lists when it comes to skills that catch their eye in the hiring process. This is not solely eReflect’s opinion, but something that has been established as a given in the 21st century socioeconomic landscape.

eReflect has been witnessing a steady growth since it was established back in 2006 with its first and most successful self-improvement software, Ultimate Vocabulary™. Today, 10 years later, eReflect serves customers from over 110 countries, helping young people and adults master essential 21st century skills for better career prospects and more fulfilling lives. eReflect is now a leader in the self-development software niche.

Building an armor of words – Ultimate Vocabulary™

People often fail to appreciate the importance of a rich vocabulary in the workplace. They believe that skills like assertiveness and confidence are the only traits they need to stay ahead of the game. But the truth is, without basic skills such as an extended, up to date, and relevant vocabulary it’s easy to lose the competitive edge against candidates and colleagues with more eloquence.

Ultimate Vocabulary™ helps you build a strong vocabulary that makes others notice you. A vocabulary that has a positive impact on people instantly increases and enhances your career prospects and your promotion potential.

People’s first impression of you is largely based on your word choice, so by making those first words count, you’re getting a head start, leaving others lagging behind with clichés and gobbledygook while you speak with intention, accuracy and large-scale impact.

Here are some of the main benefits of a rich, robust vocabulary can bring to your career prospects:

– You’ll have top-notch communication skills, both face-to-face and in email, video conferencing and more.

– Your communication skills will give you credibility, authority and respect. Having other people respect and admire you gives you the competitive advantage over less assertive colleagues.

– Your authority and the respect you get from others means that you’ll always stand out from the crowd.

Do you ever wonder why inspiring speakers are often called charismatic? They have the ability and talent to persuade and move others with their mere choice of words. By building your vocabulary you are effectively gathering a strong arsenal you can draw upon in the right circumstances to bring forth the right effect.

These are but a few reasons why you should consider improving your vocabulary with a program designed according to scientific evidence on lexical capacity and acquisition and with integrated technologies to accelerate learning without minimizing effectiveness and overall knowledge retention.

When vocabulary just doesn’t cut it – Ultimate Spelling™

Building a strong vocabulary is not always enough. Without orthography skills, people you are communicating with electronically will be distracted by your misspellings and cringe each time you spell simple words wrong, such as mixing up “you’re” and “your.” While these errors can be sometimes overlooked, your communication will suffer from a lack of accuracy and understanding when you have problems with more difficult words like “affect” vs. “effect” or the easily-confused word pair “principle” and “principal.”

eReflect has created a software product that helps children and adults learn spelling in a way that’s not boring and tedious but time-efficient and fun. Through a series of handpicked and well-designed spelling activities and games a learner can gradually improve their spelling skills and become a person that can write professionally and without any mistakes.

While spelling is not the be-all and end-all of a job search, a resume marred by misspellings and typos (more on that later) is bound to land your application in the “not worth bothering with” pile.

If you’re wondering why spelling is so important — or if you think it’s not important at all — let us convince you otherwise.

Spelling and vocabulary are interconnected. If you know the meaning of one word but cannot spell it, you don’t really know it.

To completely know a word you must be able to use it equally well both in conversation and in written communication. Good spelling is invisible, in a way: nobody notices your spelling skills unless you don’t have them.

So what does it mean to have great spelling skills?


You’re equipped with an indispensable skill for college and for job hunting later on. Employees assume the people they hire have mastered such basic skills. You’d be surprised, however, at the number of spelling errors found in official reports and other corporate publications.

Spelling is, in a sense, the key to a company’s quality. If your brand has certain qualities you need to emphasize, don’t sabotage those with misspellings.


Spelling ascribes credibility and leadership to your writing and, by extension, you. People won’t take you seriously if you cannot write an error-free report or email.

Good spelling skills infuse your professional image with positive traits: credibility, trustworthiness, authority, professionalism — the list is endless.

Why use Ultimate Spelling™ though?

Ultimate Spelling™ has been designed with effectiveness in mind. It’s free of those factors that sabotage learning, like uninspiring, tedious activities. It abandons useless passive learning techniques, and instead is equipped with star-studded features and practice material.

With Ultimate Spelling you can improve your orthography through interactive games and  intuitive tools like a word explorer, and use cutting-edge technologies for progress monitoring to achieve better results.

What makes Ultimate Spelling™ different from anything else is the level of personalization it lends itself to. The software can be as appealing to a 4-year-old as it is to a 44-year old wishing to spruce up their spelling skills.

Who doesn’t like learning through play?

Click, Clack, Click-Click, Clack

That’s the sound of you touch typing. Ever wonder how often you touch type on your keyboard?

An increasing number of people are using mobile touch-screen devices for all of their personal and work-related tasks: emailing, shopping, chatting, international meetings, and even legal negotiations.

In fact, in 2016 it is expected that over 3.5 million mobile devices will be purchased and used. Our growing dependence on mobile, Internet-enabled devices means we need to become efficient users. One basic skill that helps with this is touch typing – the ability to type not only quickly, but accurately too.

Technology and research companies predict that it won’t be long before mobile devices outnumber people. At this point, it is forecast that in 2014 there will be more than 7.3 billion active cell phones on the planet. Tablets, PCs, and smartphones are proliferating at an accelerated rate as well.

So why stay behind with a peck and hunt typing method when you can type at a professional level at more than 80 words per minute?

eReflect comes to the rescue once more.

Typesy™  uses the latest technology to help you improve your typing skills through video tutorials that are easy to follow and intuitive. It’s like having a personal tutor at your service.

Wondering what the perks of touch typing mastery are?

– You’ll save up to 47 hours a month. That’s a big deal. Depending on the amount of touch typing you do each day, you can save literally two days a month just by typing faster and more accurately!

– You’ll avoid common computer-related health issues. Touch typing is not only about typing super fast and error-free, it’s about sustainable and healthy typing habits. Typesy™ teaches you ergonomic techniques so that you can spare yourself from painful, irritating problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.

The world is taking large strides towards an overwhelmingly tech-driven society. Skills like touch typing and proper spelling are indispensable, especially in the fiercely competitive job market young people are getting in today, where the jobs are scarce and the requirements are numerous.

Build your vocabulary and improve your spelling skills; achieve a new touch typing word-per-minute record, and see your career prospects catapult to unimaginable new levels!

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The Benefits Of Keyboarding, The Key To Your Future

Keyboarding is a tech skill that everyone has – more or less.  What makes a real difference in knowing how to touch type is how good your typing speed and accuracy really are.

If you touch type at an above-average word-per-minute rate you can save yourself hundreds of hours per year. You’ll be more confident in how you handle a computer-based workload, and you’ll be giving yourself a head start in comparison to candidates that are not as competent as touch typists.

By devoting some hours during elementary school to touch typing practice, every student can equip themselves with an essential skill that will pay off time and time again for the rest of their life. Taking typing classes as soon as possible ensures a student gets the most out of this widely applicable skill.

5th and 6th graders are expected to have to answer essay questions by touch typing the answers in computer-based exams. If their typing skills are poor they have no way of doing well in these exams, even if they’ve studied.

But typing is not a skill that only comes handy at school. Every office job imaginable requires typing efficiency. By realizing this, you can understand why it’s crucial to master this skill and help your future career goals, and even your personal needs.

Effective time use

Companies seek employees who can use their time efficiently. They want staff that can do more in less time and can take up extra, last-minute workloads without as much as breaking a sweat.

Touch typing skills allow you to save several hours each week. In a world where productivity is becoming an obsession, you can stay ahead of the rest with this seemingly simple tech skill by getting the most out of every minute.


Typing skills let you improve your focus on any given computer task. A proficient typist has mastered this motor skill, so it becomes an automated cognitive process, pretty much like riding a bicycle. You don’t think about what you’re doing when you type, you just do it. As a result, the process of writing reports or working with a keyboard becomes something you don’t have to devote mental energy to, leaving your mind free to process other information.

When you don’t need to look at your keyboard several times every minute to ensure you’re pressing the right keys, you allow yourself to focus on the ideas and thoughts that come next. Essentially, typing skills boost your cognitive efficiency.

Professional image boost

With great typing skills you can significantly boost your professional status. A person who touch types with ease and speed appears much more confident and knowledgeable — even if these are not necessarily correlated with touch typing efficiency.

Your professional image can make or break your career, and with improved typing skills you can see that your manager or boss is impressed by your performance and efficiency.

Protect your health

Carpal tunnel syndrome – yikes. People who don’t know how to sit properly, or correctly place their fingers and wrists on the keyboard, risk getting wrist issues and neck and shoulder stiffness.

Knowing how to touch type in the most time-efficient manner, in a way that doesn’t put your health at risk, is an invaluable benefit touch typing grants you.

People who’ve mastered touch typing know how to touch type with minimum wrist and finger fatigue and know how to type with their neck and shoulders relaxed. Touch typing ergonomics safeguard you from carpal tunnel syndrome and other forms of wrist pain and damage.

Essential for the development of other skills

Keyboarding is a tech skill that is quickly becoming central in education, the marketplace, and in people’s lifestyles as a whole.

Typing helps you improve and learn new skills through a computer or any other device that is keyboard based. From learning to code to learning a new language online, you can improve your employability and marketability just because your typing skills accelerate these learning processes.

In summary, keyboarding skills can help you in your present academic responsibilities and ensure your future career prospects. It will even help your personal development. Not only will you protect your health by learning how to touch type correctly but you will also boost your productivity and work focus and have a means to easily acquire and master other skills and talents.

Sign up for keyboarding classes as soon as possible, and give your children a boost towards their own success by signing them up too. Even 2nd and 3rd grade students can easily learn keyboarding techniques and accuracy, and as they practice more to improve their typing speed, they’ll be getting the skills they need as adults.

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Is Multitasking Ruining Your Productivity? Try Tabless Thursdays!

Start Typing Your Texts Faster Now (Guest Post)

Emily Johnson

Do you want to type faster without sacrificing the quality?

Look: Most writers want to know how to not only write high-quality texts but do it faster.

Thus, people crave actionable examples such as how to increase typing speed or tips on how to create a great blog post. As we know the importance of typing speed for your career, we’ve decided to collect several tips for you to start touch typing.

Hint: check your typing speed and accuracy now and don’t forget to pass the test once again after some practicing. Measure your progress!

Organize a perfect workplace

Although you might believe that a modern and up-to-date computer is a key to fast typing, it is important to pay attention to your workplace organization as well. People claim that a well-organized working place helps save time and increase productivity. The fewer distractions you have, the more productive you are. Learn the art of a perfect workplace organization with this infographic by OmniPapers.

Efficient software

If you want to start typing text faster, you’d better practice a lot. One of the best ways to increase your typing speed is to start using improvement software. Typesy Software can help you increase your typing speed in just 10 minutes per day and become 63% more productive in your work.

Form a habit

To start typing faster, you need to learn typing techniques. First of all, you need to know the keyboard scheme and the starting position of the fingers (left hand: “ASDF”; right hand: “JKL;”).

If this position seems inconvenient for you, it’s better to get used to it. Once you’re done, it’s time to pay attention to finger motion. If you can type without looking at the keys, that’s great! Form a habit of placing fingers correctly and boost your typing speed.

Enhance accuracy

If you type fast, that’s great. However, accuracy matters, too. Obviously,  making corrections needs not only time, but attentiveness as well. Thus, you need to enhance your typing accuracy. Try not to look at the keyboard, but watch what you’re typing. The more attentive you are, the higher your accuracy is.

Practice daily

As far as you understand, daily practicing is a must if you want to become a typing pro. In fact, you can practice the art of typing while doing common things: emailing or chatting with your friends on Facebook. The secret is not to use tablets or phones. There is no need to explain that typing on a sensor screen is not the same as keyboard typing, so you need to do your best and start writing more on your computer.

Take a pause

While it’s nearly impossible to type text on a high level all the time, it’s important to know when to take a pause. If you feel tired, it’s better to take a cup of green tea and boost your brain functions than continue on typing texts as you might make mistakes because of the lack of attentiveness.

Are you interested in typing text faster? If so, don’t hesitate to improve your typing speed and start writing papers faster.

Share your trick and tips, leaving a comment below.

Author’s bio: Emily Johnson is a content strategist of OmniPapers, a website about writing reviews for students. She is also a contributor to many websites about writing and blogging. You can always find more works of hers on G+ orTwitter.

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What’s In Typesy™ 2016?

Did you know that with good typing skills you can save up to 48 hours per month? That’s two days, people!

Typesy™ is touch typing software that can help your child easily master this essential tech skill, something that will save them thousands of hours of typing over their lifetime.

Keyboarding is a skill that’s indispensable in the 21st century; it’s a prerequisite at school and college, and of course at the workplace. With good touch typing skills you can be productive, make more money, and be more competitive than others when looking for a job.

Typesy™ 2016 is a complete keyboarding tutor suitable for homeschooling. In fact, it’s so comprehensive in its scope that you don’t need any other tools in order to teach your children how to touch type.


I think that ease of use tells a lot about a program’s efficiency. If a program has a complex user interface, then it’s likely that its exercises and activities will be counter-intuitive also – and that means they’ll be less effective.

Typesy™ is easy to use with an intuitive, friendly, and fun interface. First-time users will immediately be able to easily find their way around its comprehensive video lessons, activities, and games.

The program has been designed by typing experts to ensure that users reap the maximum benefit from the software in minimum time.

In fact, with about 7 minutes of practice per day, anyone can improve their typing speed and accuracy, whether they’re 7 years old or 70. You can make touch typing a family event!

The program’s user-friendliness is not limited to its interface. Everything – the video tutorials, the lessons, the interactive typing games, and all the quizzes and activities – are user-friendly and compelling too. This means that children in particular won’t get bored with typing practice. There are plenty of activities to try and games to play at every step of their typing progress.

Typesy™ is on the Cloud

You don’t need to download any installation files on your computers. Once you get a license your children can log into their personal accounts and start practicing right away!

They’re not limited to the desktop computer in your home office, either. Users can practice anywhere, from any keyboard-based device.

You can have your practice outdoors on a sunny day, you can practice at a coffee shop on your way to a cultural excursion, and your children can practice at home and at a friend’s house. The possibilities of practice afforded by the program’s cloud-based technology are boundless – and so convenient for a homeschooling parent.

7 minutes a day for typing practice is easy to fit in anywhere in your daily curriculum. The fact that the software syncs all your devices with your personal account means that you don’t have to waste time updating your progress tracking when you log on using another device.

Even better, you never have to worry about your progress not being saved or your data getting lost. Everything is in sync and each user can install Typesy™ on as many devices as they want!

Social Media Integration

Every user creates their personal profile: a complete dashboard with their typing goals and progress, and a badge showing their “Success Status” from points collected at every Typing Efficiency Level. After your child earns their first Bronze medal, they’ll be even more motivated to continue to practice and collect points to get Silver, Gold, Platinum – and even Diamond!

The dashboard also provides personalized suggestions on what to practice next. A user can read the latest articles and how-to’s on the Typesy™ website, and can share their success with friends and family on Facebook.

A “Share Your Success” button that appears after the user has achieved a milestone encourages the reader to tell his or her friends about their progress, which also adds to the motivation to practice more and achieve even better typing efficiency.

Competitive Practice

One of the most useful aspects of Typesy™ is the ability it offers  for users to practice together. We know for a fact that group practice improves the outcome of each individual learner. The learners are competing against one another which motivates them to try harder, stay focused, and do their best to drive their learning forward. That makes it very appropriate for small group learning, where users can provide additional encouragement to others.

This feature of Typesy™ cannot be highlighted enough. It’s one that I encourage you to thoroughly use if you’re homeschooling more than one kid. You will be amazed how much faster your children’s typing efficiency will improve.

Sit Back and Relax

Programs like Typesy™ save you a lot of time and energy because its administration is so simple and its toolbox is so complete. I believe it’s so complete, in fact, that any other practice software, online tool, or reference material is unnecessary. The only thing you need to teach your children the essential tech skill of keyboarding is Typesy™ 2016.

Socialize, Engage, Look Up From Your Phone – No More Missed Chances In Life!

7 Skills Every Millennial Needs In 2016

Where do I start? A study by Change for Education recently revealed that 6 in 10 millennials lack basic tech skills. Mind-boggling, right?

It turns out that even though we spend about 35 hours per week on digital media, millennials tend to be unexpectedly illiterate when it comes to using technology to solve simple problems. The result, the nonprofit group says, is that about 13 million US millennials are oblivious to the impact their poor tech skills are having on their future success.

The research brought to light a paradox: that digital natives are not necessarily tech savvy.

The good news is that this is something we can, and should, fix.

I’ll only highlight one more thing from this particular research study, but it’s critically important.

You can boost your earnings by one-third with a small boost to your tech skills.

Yes, that’s all it takes to land a more profitable job – simply improve some easy tech skills.

So which skills are essential?

Vocabulary Improvement

Okay, okay, it’s not like your life always depends on the exact words you choose to use (although I could think of a couple of scenarios where specific words could put you in great danger). The thing is, words matter. Words create our reality and help us make sense of our experiences. But more importantly, words help us think better, think critically, and think more.

Improving your vocabulary means having more concepts to think about and speak with. A good vocabulary helps you make the best first impressions, whether that’s with a new acquaintance or a job interviewer.

Speed Reading

Going through your Facebook feed with lightning fast speed doesn’t qualify as speed reading. (What a pity, I know!)

Being a speed reader is fun. Scratch that. It is essential. Just consider the sheer amount of reading you need to go through every day right now. Now think about all of the text you could be absorbing if you could do that reading even faster. The knowledge you can potentially accumulate in just a few weeks is mind-blowing.

Touch Typing

Yes, we might be speaking in emojis these days rather than actual words, and retinal scanning may replace passwords for online banking at some point, but for now, written communication via conventional words is not going away.

So learn to touch type. And learn it the right way – not that awkward hunt and peck method that makes you look like you’re a Martian seeing a QWERTY keyboard for the first time.

Digital communication is here to stay. From catching up with your friends to taking online courses boosting your knowledge in multiple fields, you need touch typing efficiency more than ever.

Your soft skills and personality might impress a potential employer, but you also need hard skills like how to make a presentation and efficiently operate software. You need the ability to present data in a comprehensible visual way, using words as well as images, and your keyboarding speed has an impact on how well you do that.

IT Skills For Everyone

If you think that IT tech skills are only something designers, programmers, and other tech-related professionals need, think again.

Basic skills such as email etiquette, understanding and compiling spreadsheets, interpreting and reporting graphic and numeric illustrations, and of course doing sound online research are survival skills in the competitive marketplace – and if you don’t have those skills, you won’t be winning that competition.

To take your career into the next decade, even a millenial needs to focus on keeping up to speed on these essential tech tools.

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Exclusive Interview: Ways To Become Successful & Productive From Nozbe Creator Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

Introduction: If you can’t find the tool you need, then design and produce it yourself! At least, that’s what Michael Sliwinski did with his popular productivity management system called Nozbe. In a recent interview, we talked to Michael about productivity tips, what it’s like to run a startup business, and how you can use technology to make the most out of every day.

Typesy: One of your recent blog posts mentions “stretch goals.” What is a stretch goal?

This is a goal that you can’t achieve by using your regular procedures, planning habits and tools. This is an ambitious vision rather than a goal and it requires you to go out of your comfort zone and “stretch” your capabilities beyond the usual performance.

Goals like these might be really discouraging and cause frustration – I experienced that not so long ago while planning new Nozbe marketing strategy for the end of this year and the entire 2016.

I am a great advocate of a small steps method so I was a little bit at crossroads with these bold goals I set to myself and the whole Nozbe team. In the end though, I realized that there is no inconsistency between having stretch goals and working step by step with “small wins” to get them done. I think they will let us go outside the box and inspire us while planning and looking for solutions.

Typesy: Did you ever have the specific goal of running your own company, or did your Nozbe venture simply evolve over time, from your own personal tool to one that people around the world are using to help manage their productivity?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I couldn’t really imagine myself in any other place. I guess I was raised to run a business – and these are my entrepreneurial parents who are to blame :-) (You can read more about them in a blogpost I wrote a few years ago – https://sliwinski.com/parents/). When I graduated from college many people were questioning my choice of going on my own. I had a quite nice resume – two business college degrees, three foreign languages spoken fluently – they suggested I could get a really good job in a prestigious international company. But I decided to try myself and build my own startup. Well… I failed at last three times to finally hit it with Nozbe. And it is still a learning curve and I love every minute of it. My parents supported me all the way. They proved to me that you can switch jobs, try, fail, learn something new, fail again, succeed, change again… and that it’s all very exciting and rewarding.

Nozbe has, indeed, evolved from my own personal time and tasks management tool that was a product of my need and of my interest in GTD that I discovered at certain moment. I was working as a freelance consultant at that time and I had many various clients and projects. As a geek, I wanted to have a nice tool to implement GTD but couldn’t really find any suitable software on the market. So I wrote a web app which only some time later turned out to be a life-saver for other people too :-) Then Nozbe started to be my side project to finally become a core business in 2007. First from one-mans-shop, through only being 3 people to currently 20+ folks in the team, Nozbe keeps evolving and I keep growing as an entrepreneur.

Typesy: You welcome new listeners and viewers to your website and your regular Productive! Show podcast, where you talk about a range of issues related to technology and productivity (and the latest Apple offerings). Can people ask you questions as well, or request specific topics for your podcasts and articles?

Of course! I am open for discussion and any suggestions. I appreciate constructive criticism and like to know whether my work helps other people. It motivates me. I always encourage my readers to share their views and opinions in the comments below any blogpost/podcast episode etc. My e-mail address as well as social media contacts are public and available on my contact page.

Typesy: Much of technology has evolved around the keyboard, and it’s still one of the most popular ways to interface with systems and society. How has typing skill – or lack of it – impacted your business and personal life, or that of people that you’ve helped in the past?

To my way of thinking every person considering themselves as “productive” should be able to touch-type. It saves so much time! You need to invest many hours to learn it but you will be blown away with the results. If your job involves much typing, transcribing, replying to e-mails, copywriting, creative writing etc. you definitely need to “lose” time on learning to touch-type in order to save thousands of hours in the future.

I’ve always been pretty proficient with my use of keyboard, but when I saw my friend touch type around 10 years ago, I decided to give it a try… and now I type 3 times faster than I used to! Not 10-20% more, that’s a 300% improvement. I think all the kids should be taught this at school!

Typesy: You offer a free book titled “It’s All About Passion” that talks about your development as an entrepreneur and the things that you found useful. What role does passion have in business?

It has a huge role that can’t be ever overestimated. Obviously, there are many reasons why companies, projects or startups fail but what I discovered was that most of the time it all comes down to one major reason:

Passion… or the lack of it.

Passion is what inspires people and what gives them the drive to move forward. It gives a reason to live, to wake up in the mornings and stay up late at night. Running your own business takes a huge amount of time and requires sacrifices in your private life with your the loved ones. At he beginning you actually work on a project which you don’t know whether or not will ever succeed. You have no clue if your effort ever pays off.

That’s why it is so important to be passionate about what you’re doing. Without this, you are ten times more likely to fail.

 I quote many famous and successful people in my book – everyone of them emphasizes the role of passion and devotion. Even late Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford Commencement Speech said that “you’ve gotta love what you do, if you don’t, keep looking, don’t settle”. It’s really all about passion and all the types of passion I mention in the book keep me going to this day and hopefully for the years to come!

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