Typesy April 2022 Update

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Typesy is an active, growing project. We have a team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers committed to improving this product. Here are the latest updates:

New Premium Curriculum

Typesy VIP, Homeschool, and School subscribers can access these courses at no additional cost.
Vocabulary Booster
Vocabulary Booster program is based on the life’s work of dedicated vocabulary expert Gene McKenna, who created a list of the 400 most essential words that lead to success in school and work.
Overnight Vocabulary
Don’t struggle for weeks to learn new vocabulary! With the program, you can learn it overnight. Overnight Vocabulary program focuses on 300 must-know words that are essential for success. With only one day of studying, you will be able to impress friends, family, and colleagues with your new and improved vocabulary. When you incorporate these new words, you will appear smarter, more confident, and competent.
Confidence in Context
Having a robust vocabulary equips you to express your ideas clearly. A broad vocabulary will give you confidence when you speak and will add credibility to your words. This program will teach you how to use terms more accurately and will help you communicate well with others.

New Typesy Features

Flash Cards
We have added a new activity in the Words section that allows users to study words in their word lists. Each word and its corresponding definition will be displayed as a flash card.
A Settings icon has been added which will display a dialog containing the following:
  • Interval (number of seconds before a card flips)
  • Show first (choose whether you see the definition or word first)
  • Hide mastered (if enabled, the activity will only use nonmastered words; if disabled, the activity will use all words in the word list)
This feature applies to all versions.
Trial Dialog
Users can now book a meeting with a sales representative in the new School Trial dialog box.
This feature applies to School accounts only.
Curriculum Designs and Course Card Designs
New designs for the curriculum and course cards.
This feature applies to all versions.
Typing Design Update – Mobile Progress Bar and Side Menu
A new design for the bottom progress indicator within courses has been added. This design is only applied to mobile screens.
The design and icons in the side menu of the student and admin interface have been updated.
This feature applies to all versions.
Mobile Bar Progress
Admin Side Menu
Student Side Menu
Typing Design Update – Word List Home Screen
A new design for the word list home screen includes different ways to learn your words: Flash Cards and Review. A Flash Card displays a word from the word list on one side and the definition on the other. The Review displays the old word list screen.
This feature applies to all versions.
Typing Update – Falling Words Game
Speed for the Falling Words game has been updated to reflect the length of the word. The length of the word affects the speed at which it falls; in addition, users can now see the next word right after they type the last word or right after the last word passes the bottom.
This feature applies to all versions.
Minor UX Updates
  • Main Definition in Word List > Review Screen on mobile will now reflect the selected main definition of the word.

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