Getting Your Students Excited To Learn

From toddlers to teenagers, getting students actually excited to learn has been a dream for almost every teacher. With normal lessons and outdated software, it can be very difficult to get students logged onto a computer for more than five minutes without getting bored or distracted.

Instead of using complicated software to try and teach children essential skills like typing, new and innovative approaches have been created by typing experts. At Typesy, they have found a way to make learning to type fun for students. By combining a mix of relevant typing skills and activities to keep students engaged, Typesy can have students learning to type effectively with just a few minutes every day. Typesy is unique in its usage because students can learn with the software in small groups or during a full class learning session. Typesy puts the power in the hands of the teacher to help students thrive.

Besides the interactive learning and activities, Typesy also offers relevant typing material for students. Gone are the days of type nonsense sentences with new software allowing for relevant typing material that span across the entire core curriculum. Stop wasting time with boring and hard to use software and look to Typesy to get your students hooked on learning!

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The Difficulties of Teaching Typing

Every year, more and more students across the world are being exposed to a world where using the internet effectively is an essential skill. To get kids ready for the future, it is the job of teachers to get their students ready for the online world. But where does this all start?

Students are eager to learn how to get their hands on the exciting world online but helping them learn how to type and use their navigation effectively is a serious challenge. With traditional typing software, children are often easily bored and get confused with software that is difficult for even an adult to understand. When choosing how to teach typing to students, you want a software that is easy to use for the teacher and helps give every student activities that are centered around their unique learning styles.

With the Typesy software, students all over the world can now get the typing instruction they need with ease. Typesy provides students with all of the resources they need to succeed in the classroom by offering transdisciplinary content unlike the competition. Students learning with Typesy will be prepared to take on any typing challenge and will feel proud of what they have learned.

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Typesy Feature Update: Add Text Within Exercise

Many people are unaware that Typesy is a great learning software to help people learn how to type the proper way. If you are an existing Typesy user, you may not be aware of all the updates that have occurred. One is the add text option during an exercise. This update will help both students and teachers.

What Changed With the Update?

Before the update, you would not be able to add text when you were inside the Select Exercise option. You can now add text easily within this option. Plus, as an admin, you can add text and select new texts much easier when you are creating a test and/or assignment.

How to Use the New Feature Update

In order for you to use this update, you must log in to your Typesy account. When you are within an exercise you should see a button that says +New. This is the button you will use to add texts. When you click this and type your words, they should be displayed almost instantly and automatically. It should show up and be selected as well.

As a teacher, you can create assignments and tests much easier with this new update. Selecting texts and changing them has been made much easier with this update. Plus, students can also select or add texts easier as well.

Why Use Typesy?

This program is going to help you understand how to properly type so that you are not pecking at the keys. The internet is changing and the computer is becoming part of the work environment. Did you know that some workplaces will not accept people if they are slow at typing? It is true. That is why you should use Typesy. It will help you learn how to type fast and correctly.

Typesy is a way for you to learn how to type and be more efficient. It will save you time and earn you money if you know how to type. Plus, you will be up-to-date with the changing times.

Not to mention, Typesy is one of the only modernized typing programs that will combine the fun of video games and typing exercises so that it is easy to learn without having to drag on the content. Learning is always more fun when it is interactive and when there are step-by-step guides to help you get the task done.

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The Science of Teaching Typing

Touch typing is a crucial skill that students must learn before they enter the worlds of high school or college. Most middle schools offer a class that teaches students how to properly type. Despite some unpopular opinions, typing teachers are a commodity in education and they have an important role in preparing our children for the real world.

The ultimate goal of touch typing is to achieve an automatic and accurate understanding of writing using a keyboard. Our students have to learn to type without having to think about where the keys are on a keyboard. This takes a significant amount of time and there is a science behind how it is done.

Our students achieve this automatic understanding through what is called muscle memory. They learn to remember where their fingers go and then they can simply type based on how they remember where their finger should hit the next key. As the students achieve muscle memory, they begin to use different areas of their brain rather than having to think about locating keys, they can think about what to write next.

While touch typing is a crucial part of the middle school experience, it is also a skill that kids will use for a lifetime.

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Why Typing Should Be Taught in School

Typing is an essential life skill that creates well-rounded children who are ready for the world for which we are preparing them. After all, from sending emails to filling out job applications, the real world requires a great deal of typing proficiency for adult survival.

Aside from real-world applications, typing is also a skill that is essential for a child’s success in school. Not only will children who go to college use a computer for most of their assignments in college, they will also likely use a computer for state testing assignments which makes the school look more successful.

Typing is one of the standards required for teaching in schools that have adopted the Common Core State Standards. Even states who have not adopted the Common Core State Standards have a standard that involves typing proficiency. If this is the case in your state, then it is imperative that your students achieve proficiency in typing.

If we want our children to become well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the world ahead of them, then they need to have a firm grasp on typing skills. Typing will improve job skills and career opportunities for students.

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Touch Typing Ergonomics

As computers and typing have taken over the world, so has a rise in computer overuse injuries like carpal tunnel. If you are going to be doing a lot of typing in your life, in school, at home, or at work, it is important to learn what the best touch typing ergonomics are so you can prevent injuries from typing.

Wrists and Fingers

Your wrists and fingers will take the brunt of your efforts while you are touch typing. If you are typing for hours, you could find yourself cramping. Make sure you are typing on the right keyboard and with the right mouse. If you work in a corporate setting, your company might have special ergonomic keyboards and mice available for you to use that will put less strain on your hands and fingers than normal equipment. At a minimum, make sure you are taking frequent breaks and mixing in some tasks that do not require typing, like a phone call or a meeting.

Eyes should be looking at the top of your screen

You want your monitor and chair to be set up so the top of your screen lines up with your eyes. This puts the least amount of strain on your eyes, neck, and shoulders. If it is not at the right height, you will find yourself hunched over, which is going to injure your neck and shoulders. You also want to minimize glare.

You want your wrists, elbows, and keyboard to be on the same plane, forming a 90-degree angle with your upper arms.

Sit the right distance away from the Monitor

Make sure you do not set your chair height up so that you are sitting right on top of your monitor. Being the right distance away from your screen will help your eyes, neck, hands, shoulders, and basically will have you feeling better.

Typically you want to sit between 20 and 40 inches away from your monitor, and that varies depending on your height and the size of the monitor you are working with.

Do not forget to Stretch your Legs

At a minimum, you should at least periodically get up and walk around the office. You need to keep blood flowing and circulating throughout your body. Make sure you are getting up and walking around at least once an hour, preferably more.

You might want to consider getting a standing desk, or a flexible desk that you can either sit or stand at. You will find your joints and body are happier if you spend less time sitting.

Some Stretches to Incorporate

You could get in the habit of regularly stretching your muscles that are used when you type a lot. Try by stretching your wrists and fingers before you get into a long period of touch typing.

To stretch your wrists, this is a really simple stretch you can do. Simply hold your arms out in front of you, spread your fingers out as far as you can, and hold for five seconds. Relax for 30 seconds, and repeat that process three times. There are a lot of easy stretches you can do right at your desk to encourage blood flow, and some of them really are not that hard to do!


When you are thinking or the right ergonomics while you are touch typing, it might be natural to focus on your wrists and hands as it feels like they take the brunt of the exertion. Wrists and hand exercises are important and you absolutely should do them. But, do not forget to sit up straight, make sure your monitor is at the right height, and do some exercises to get the blood flowing to your legs regularly.

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The world today is bombarded with bad news because of this pandemic. Let’s bright up your day by showing this magnificent moon captured by different individuals and in different locations.

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Typesy in Focus: Blocky

Typesy is a platform that provides an efficient and interactive learning platform for students and employees to learn how to type quickly and efficiently. The site is expanding this focus on the importance of typing skills with the introduction of Typesy Kids. This platform will focus on children ages 5-10 and developing their typing skills, and who better to introduce this feature than our new character, Blocky.

Blocky is a fun-loving and educational mascot for typists everywhere with a specific focus on the engagement and motivation of young children. Blocky will be an integral part of Typesy kids providing constant entertainment and encouragement for the young students on this new platform. This is a very engaging way to educate kids in this age range.

Still in development stages, Blocky will have a compelling back story that leads him to be a motivator to potential expert typists everywhere. His appearance will be that which signifies the importance of good typing skills, but in a more fun way than that sounds on paper. Blocky is a gregarious character that is also not afraid to get down to business and encourage children to try their best and complete assignments.

The importance of an attention-grabbing character has proven to drastically improve the knowledge retention and skill development of children. Catchy design and slogans will greatly improve a child’s desire to learn. There are many examples that you can probably think of to support this concept.

The importance of addressing this age group has become clearer with developments in the understanding of how people learn. It is said that the easiest way to learn multiple languages is to be exposed to them from an early age. This allows the child to better conceptualize a language instead of the translative nature of adult learning.

Since typing has become a primary form of human communication, grasping the attention of younger children and developing their skills early seems crucial. Blocky is Typesy’s attempt to encourage this process in children that will ultimately allow them to get ahead later in life. Teaching children as young as 5 how to type can be greatly beneficial for them.

Typesy Kids is already available in Amazon with the introduction of the fun-loving and educational Blocky. With Blocky’s help, children who use Typesy Kids have the potential to develop a crucial skill early in life. This will be a great asset for them to have all throughout their life.

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Student Engagement: Learning Typing Gamified

How can you introduce typing and keyboards in a fun way to young kids? Utilizing a Gamified Keyboard is going to help you teach kids, and soon they will be begging you to learn how to type. Take advantage of kids’ natural desire to want to play, and build some games into your typing lessons.

What is Gamified Typing?

While you and I probably learned how to type the old-fashioned way on a QWERTY keyboard either on a laptop or maybe even on a typewriter, with tablets saturating the market, kids need to learn a new way to type. They are going to spend more time on tablets and cell phones than behind a computer keyboard, at least in their early years.

Gamified typing specializes in teaching students how to touch type while making it interesting, and students’ attention. Using the keyboard as a “controller,” students use the keyboard to type and earn points and rewards. The fun, competitive nature of gamified typing incentivizes students to continue to practice their typing.

Using Games to Teach Typing Skills

One of the best way to olds kids’ attention is to get them into a game they want to win. You could try a game like Keyboard Builder that allows kids to use the keyboard to build blocks and construction sites. You could also try a game like Frog Pond Patrol, where kids will use hand-eye coordination to learn how keyboard keys can win the game. 

While formal typing games are great and help stimulate learning, you can also try some informal games that measure improvement and accuracy.

Importance of Hand-Eye Coordination

Teaching kids at a young age to type on a tablet by playing games is going to help improve their hand-eye coordination. This is going to help not only improve typing skills, but help them with other tasks in life as they continue to grow up.

Gamified learning is going to teach other skills besides hand-eye coordination. Your students will also learn about winning and losing in a structured environment where the teacher can guide and help process the emotions associated with each.

Active Student Engagement 

One of the most difficult tasks as a teacher is to hold the attention of every student at the same time for as long as possible. To be successful at this, you need to find a myriad of ways to hold the attention of your students. 

In addition to typing games that are played right on the keyboard, you could also track metrics so they can see their progress. Let them see how fast they are typing and what their words per minute are. Set goals for your students and watch as they strive to beat their best score from last week.

Slight of Mind

If you sit a room full of students down in a room, each at their own keyboard, and tell them to type for an hour, they are going to get bored quickly. However, if you take those same students and tell them to play keyboard games on their tablets for an hour, time is going to pass much more quickly. 

Learning will become more enjoyable and they will be more likely to be motivated to continue to come back to class.


When you are teaching young kids a new skill, like typing, it is important to create activities that will hold their attention. Gamified typing is something that you can use to motivate your students and to hold their focus while they learn how to type. Once you find ways to keep your students attention, you will see their typing skills drastically improve!

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