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"Now Homeschoolers can learn to type with the best"

  • An all-online program already used by top school. districts
  • Takes your child all the way from beginner to proficient (never need to “find a new program next year”).
  • Tracks individual progress and auto adjusts to skill set and pace of completion.
  • Your kids love the curriculum, you love the results.
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Typing Is The New Handwriting. Are Homeschoolers Ready?

Typing ability is the fundamental core to computer literacy and one of the most important skills any child can master from an early age. Without expert typing, it will be slower and more difficult to complete homework, projects, papers and eventually meet the demands of college and the workforce. National education standards also agree, as expert keyboarding skills are required by the national common core curriculum. For just these reasons alone, homeschooled children cannot afford to miss out on all of the academic advantages that come with being great at keyboarding. Here are the direct and indirect benefits of learning how to type.

Common Core Mandated
Keyboarding skills are required by common core national education standards. If your child does not have these skills, they are behind national standards.
Improved Homeschool Results
Correct touch typing makes it easier to type assignments, do research, and communicate. Students complete more work and get better results.
Ready for College and the Workforce
Students who can touch type increase their eligibility for almost any job. Good touch typing will also make college assignments and practical work much easier.
Work Happier and Faster
Correct typing means using computers with greater ease and confidence. Students will complete all computer related work faster and be happier about it.
Computer-based testing
If your child does any computer-based testing from the state, or from other apps, they are many times more effective with great keyboarding skills.
Success in Life
Keyboarding will be the primary input method for “real work” on computers for at least the next 20-30 years. Good skills set your kids up early for big success in life.

Engaging stories. Fun games. Always learning.

Typesy Homeschool is the only program truly built to engage the most creative of problem-solving minds. Each course is completely child-directed while still being backed by the smartest training platform on the planet. No lesson will ever feel boring or repetitive, because age-appropriate games and story-based objectives will guide them through each exercise. This is the only typing program to encourage critical thinking at the same time as it trains them on speed, muscle memory and grammar skills.

Typesy’s exercises are scientifically designed to train muscle memory through a series of structured repetitions.
Typesy is the only program to use immersive 3D animated stories to keep your kids engaged and loving the process.
Students love the fun games that make learning to touch type a breeze.
Students are motivated because they can see their results.

They don’t just learn to type. They learn as they type.

As Typesy teaches students to type, it also teaches them valuable common-core standards-based content. Typesy includes over 4000 lessons covering science, social studies, ELA, Math and more. Gone are the days when keyboarding lessons were only gibberish and meaningless text. Instead, students learn typing in an individualized way, which enhances education through a standards-based typing curriculum.

Covering science, social studies, ELA, Math and more.
Separate curriculums for each grade.
Typesy can even teach kids typing based on spelling lists.
Secular Homeschool
"I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Typesy, One word: Wow. I’ve tried several commercial typing programs over the years, but none offers the ease, efficiency, and fun that Typesy does."
Ann Simpson Homeschool.com
"Uses video lessons, online demonstrations, interactive lesson suggestions, and fun games to teach basic and advanced touch typing skills —and it works for all ages."
Tina Roberton Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool
"After I unwrapped Typesy, I instantly saw the superior quality on how it was built. There is just no comparison to other programs I have used over the years."
Meagan More than a Homeschool Mom
"I believe this is the typing solution homeschool families need...easy to manage multiple children, has detailed reports and ad-free games, and easy to navigate."

Be the teacher of your homeschool class.

Typesy Homeschool gives parents complete visibility and easy control – you are the teacher of your own mini homeschool class. You can control every aspect of your child’s learning, assignment, and assessment. You can also monitor their progress with industry-leading progress reports.

Track student progress and identify problems easily, and take action quickly.
Get a wealth of actionable information about every student.
See who’s doing well and who needs help. Make sure everyone’s doing their work.
The online interface allows easy administration of students and users.
Import students, set up classes, and reset passwords in minutes.

A rich experience for better learning outcomes.

Typesy Homeschool is built on the latest cloud/app technologies from Microsoft and Google. So there are no more slow-loading web pages, distracting ads, or confusing browser errors. Typesy’s unparalleled interactive learning platform works flawlessly on any computer or device.

No more slow loading web pages. Videos, lessons, activities, and apps all load instantly.
Say goodbye to distracting ads and pop-ups, and remove the risk that students will view offensive or explicit ads.
Typing results are stored and managed automatically in the cloud.
No more worrying about finding additional data storage space; your system adapts to your class sizes.
Your kids can login from home or anywhere they are working, and their results and accounts will always stay synchronized.

A personal coach who adapts to your child's needs.

Typesy constantly monitors your child’s progress and adapts to their needs. Each lesson is customized for their current skill level. This makes learning to touch type easy and fast. In just a few days, they will be using computers more easily, and getting more work done.

Typesy uses advanced technology to track student progress and personalize learning.
Typesy constantly monitors student progress and adapts to each child’s unique needs.
Typesy tracks student typing goals and makes sure they are achieved.
Typesy can test student typing speed and recommend ideal goals.

3D animated stories your kids will love.

Typesy uses the latest 3D animation technology to give students ultra-immersive motivation. Instruction comes from characters your child will love, so they will be super excited to use Typesy. What’s more, Typesy combines animations with advanced computer typing exercises to bring results in days rather than months.

Your kids are excited and motivated to learn.
Your kids learn other important grade-specific concepts as they master typing.
Typesy adapts to your child's skils to maximize success.

Fun. Engaging. Motivating.

Typesy’s game-like experience offers rewards and game status for achieving typing goals. Kids can build their avatars, collect points, and play games - all while they learn to type like a pro. It amounts to better learning outcomes and happy students for life.

Kids stay motivated and have fun while learning correct typing.
A personal connection to the app with a unique avatar.
A proven method of motivation, similar to games.
Compete like a game and be rewarded with amazing computer skills.

Kids love to use Typesy.

Typesy is designed from the ground up to be fun and easy to use for kids. With interactive learning, fun games, and gamified rewards, motivating your kids to learn is a breeze.

Typesy works on more devices.

Typesy stores everything in the cloud and all your computers automatically stay in sync. You get unlimited installs on all your Windows, Mac, iPad and Chomebook devices. Start training on one device, and continue right where you left off on the next.

Homeschool compatible.

Typesy Homeschool was designed from the ground up to work with the technology setup at your home. Whether you are using Mac, Windows, iPad, or Chromebook, we have you covered.

Any location. Any time.

Students can log in on any device, anywhere, and anytime. And they instantly access the same account, results, and course progress.

Compare Typesy to previous-generation products.

Are you considering purchasing an older typing program? If so, we’re happy to help you compare Typesy to previous-generation products. Here’s a table that outlines some of the ways Typesy beats previous-generation products hands down.

Feature Typesy Other Product
Same curriculum used by top schools Yes No
Same teacher interface as schools Yes No
Access on any computer, Chromebook, or iPad Yes No
Demand on internet Low High
Ad Free Always 100% Ad Free Contains invasive ads
Fun Games Yes - 17 games No
Number of Lessons 4385 50-100
Support Unlimited 24/7 support included None or minimal
Look and feel Latest Technology as of 2021 80s-90s technology
Adaptive Learning Yes No
Video Teaching Yes No
Mixes software, games, and video Yes No
Supports certificates Yes No
Tracks goals Yes No
Proprietary algorithm to optimize learning Yes No
Money-back guarantee 12 Months 1 Months
Teaches ergonomics Yes No
Syncs learning across all devices Yes No
Unlimited installs per account Yes No
Game-like and motivating Yes No
Also teaches kids to spell Yes No
Spelling list support Yes No
Includes 4000 common core lessons Yes No

Our fearless 12-month “refund and $50” guarantee…

It’s one thing for a company to promise that they’ll give you your money back if you don’t enjoy their product. That doesn’t say much.

Here’s why Typesy is different: we want our guarantee to show you exactly how sure we are that our typing tutor software is the best in the market.

We're so confident that Typesy will teach your kids to type lightning fast, and improve their educational outcomes, that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.

How to Access Typesy Homeschool in the next 5 minutes.

You can start your homeschool lessons in the next 5 minutes. All you need to do is select an option below.

Parent-teacher Admin Accounts 2 3 10
Student Accounts 4 10 30
Full school curriculum
Typesy kids curriculum
4000 cross curricular lessons
5 years unlimited access

* For larger co-op package discounts, please contact the helpdesk

Praise for Typesy

"I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Typesy, One word: Wow. I’ve tried several commercial typing programs over the years, but none offers the ease, efficiency, and fun that Typesy does."
Secular Homeschool
"Uses video lessons, online demonstrations, interactive lesson suggestions, and fun games to teach basic and advanced touch typing skills —and it works for all ages."
Ann Simpson
"After I unwrapped Typesy, I instantly saw the superior quality on how it was built. There is just no comparison to other programs I have used over the years."
Tina Roberton
Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool
"I believe this is the typing solution homeschool families need...easy to manage multiple children, has detailed reports and ad-free games."
More than a Homeschool Mom
"I love that I can provide my kids the tools to learn what they need through fun, easy to set up and affordable programs like Typesy Homeschool."
Practical, By Default
"I believe this is the typing solution homeschool families need...easy to manage multiple children, has detailed reports and ad-free games."
1 Plus 1 Plus 1 Equals 1
"As a homeschool mom, I love having immediate access to each of my boys’ dashboards to check their progress. My boys are making steady progress with their typing skills since starting Typesy."
Rock Your Homeschool
"Thankful to have this product available to use with our kids. It is quick and easy to get started, very thorough in teaching accurate skills, and well-organized – a huge help for homeschool moms."
Homeschool Creations
“I am extremely pleased with Typsey Homeschool! The courses are extensive and thorough, the games relevant and helpful, and the interface is very user-friendly.”
Amy Roberts
“I appreciate that the program is completely ad-free and there’s 24/7 support if you ever have any issues. I also love that Typesy has designed their programs with a homeschooling family in mind.”
“My kids are using Typesy Homeschool Edition, a version designed especially for homeschool families. This is by far the BEST homeschool typing program that we have ever used—and the kids are loving it! ”
“Typesy is an ad-free program that offers 24/7 support. It’s organized in a way that makes it as simple for parents to check their kids’ progress as it does for the kiddos to hop on and get to work! ”
“It is very impressive that it has very detailed and structured lessons with the availability of controlling children progress and learning process.”
Adelien Tan
“This is why I think it’s worth it to pay for Typesy: Typesy is comprehensive, saves your progress, no ads, fun games, video lessons, tech support, and has an admin account and it's affordable.”
“As a homeschool parent, I’m always on the lookout for programs that are user-friendly, effective, engaging, keeps track of my child’s progress and it’s affordable. Typesy Homeschool Edition is exactly all that and more! ”
“What’s great about this program is that it is FAST! My oldest homeschooler (11) is speeding through the lessons and getting tremendous results. We’ve tried so many programs with nothing remotely near these results.”
Forest Rose
“It is one of the best homeschool typing programs I've seen. It appeals to older students as well as younger ones, uses adaptive learning and students can easily see their own progress. ”
“I decided to try Typesy for six weeks to see if I could actually improve, and use regularly without loosing interest. You know what? I’ve improved!”
“Typesy Homeschool Edition is set up simply. The courses are straightforward, and video accompanies each level.”
“Typesy is easy to use, effective, and fun! No matter what your child’s experience is with typing, Typesy will improve their speed and accuracy in a fun way.”
“Not only does Typesy have typing lessons, it also has great fun kids typing games. We have tried a number of typing programs and Typesy really is great in comparison. ”
“I found it to be super easy to set up and enjoyed using the lessons myself. I highly recommend it for children to use as a homeschool typing curriculum. Even parents will enjoy it! ”
“It’s the BEST typing practice for kids I’ve seen pretty much sums it up.”
“With a personal, real coach to help your child through a game-like typing experience, they will be ready to reach and exceed their typing goals.”
Modern Homeschool Family
“My kids love being able to customize their avatar, collect points and play games. They’re learning to type like pros, but having fun in the process! ”
Dianna Kennedy
“It was fun, it helped my son practice his typing, and it was no-stress. If you’re looking for a simple, no-prep, fun typing program for kids, I can definitely recommend Typesy Homeschool Typing. ”
“Typesy is a really fun and effective way to teach you how to type by using games, exercises, and activites. It's a really great program! ”
Yvette Hampton
“Typesy Homeschool equips homeschooling parents with a reliable touch typing instructional program. Here’s what we loved: accessible, games for practice, contains multiple practice modes and administrator access. ”
Heather Woodie
“I love Typesy! It has systematic lessons with games thrown into the mix. So you’ll do a lesson or two and then play a game using the skills you just learned. ”
“Typesy Homeschool Edition is legit. I don’t hesitate at all in recommending it if you’re looking for something to teach keyboarding skills in a professional yet still fun way. ”
“Fortunately, there is a program like Typesy available to make practicing those typing skills a little easier. Once everyone is set up, they log on and get typing.”
“Typesy is thorough, budget-friendly, works on most devices, easy to manage, and it's great for all ages.”
“I love the engaging, interactive aspect of the program. Students have fun while learning to type, all at the same time!”
“I adore the Typesy program. They do put games into each lesson to mix it up and they have even more games to practice with. ”
“I really encourage you to check out Typesy. I think both you as the homeschool mom and your kids will find it valuable and that it’s the best typing course you’ll ever try! ”
“I'm definitely a fan of this program because my kids spent hours completing it without an ounce of complaining. To them, it felt more like a game than schoolwork. ”
“With Typsey Homeschool Edition as a part of our homeschool curriculum, my youngest can now learn keyboarding skills that will prepare her for just about anything.”
“Overall, we really like Typsey. I, as a parent, love the parental controls that are available. I also love that the lessons are short and sweet, so as to not overwhelm students who struggle in certain areas.”