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The all-in-one platform for typing, tech, and success.

Master mega-fast typing, popular apps, and productivity hacks.

  • Step-by-step guidance
  • 100+ premium courses on typing, tech, and more
  • Advanced adaptive learning
  • The only typing and tech learning tool you will ever need
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Without these skills, you will literally be left behind.

Forget robots. The real transformation is taking place for regular people right now. Technology is dramatically invading nearly all jobs, even lower-skilled occupations (1). The data is clear. Without fast typing and great computer skills, you will literally be left behind. This is why we made Typesy. Typesy is a complete technology learning platform, designed to give you all the skills you need for massive 21st Century success. Here are some of the advantages great typing and computer skills will bring to your life.

Earn More Money
Qualify for many more jobs than you currently do. Easily get promoted.
Be Up-To-Date And Computer Literate
People will instantly recognize that you’re computer savvy. It feels good to master technology.
Save 4-47 Hours Per Month
Fast typing and app mastery will save you between 4 and 47 hours per month. Spend more time with family, less on work.
Save Your Fingers
Bad typing technique is likely giving you painful RSI and inflammation. Correct typing can fix this.
Socialize Online
Communicate 2-3 times more effectively in online social media.
Be Up To 63% More Efficient On The Job
Your new computer skills will save you so much time at work, people will be amazed at your efficiency.

Designed to accelerate your learning.

Learning with Typesy isn’t just about watching videos and taking notes. It’s an engaging platform specifically engineered by experts to help you retain information and learn new skills as fast as possible. Typing, computer skills, IT, business — all easily mastered with Typesy. Plus, while you learn, you’ll be increasing your typing speed to WPM’s you never thought possible.

Hundreds of scientifically designed computer activities train your mind and fingers.
Expert instructor takes you by the hand and guides you at every step.
Games, exercises, and videos created to keep you engaged and entertained.
Latest advances in computer training yield 2-3X faster results.

You’re in good company.

Typesy is trusted at hundreds of the world's leading businesses.

The most comprehensive typing program on the planet.

Typesy gives you multiple typing curriculums that cover all ages, needs, and experience levels. Whether you're aiming to boost your career, improve your study, or even teach your young child, Typesy has you covered. A tailored typing program for YOUR needs is waiting for you in Typesy right now.

Fast paced fun, for older kids and adults

  • library_books117 courses
  • groupAge group 7+
  • list7 sections
  • keyboard1156 lessons
  • watch_later21 hours

Advanced course for professionals

  • library_books48 courses
  • groupAge group 15+
  • list9 sections
  • keyboard506 lessons
  • watch_later42 hours

For adults who just getting started with computers

  • library_books163 courses
  • groupAge group 16+
  • list13 sections
  • keyboard1587 lessons
  • watch_later31 hours

Fun and ideal for kids kindergarten to grade 2

  • library_books24 courses
  • groupAge group 4-8
  • list5 sections
  • keyboard23 lessons
  • watch_later4 hours

Fun and ideal for kids grade 2-8

  • library_books83 courses
  • groupAge group 7+
  • list5 sections
  • keyboard832 lessons
  • watch_later16 hours

Typing courses based around the numpad

  • library_books7 courses
  • groupAge group 10+
  • list1 section
  • keyboard55 lessons
  • watch_later2 hours

Adapts to your individual goals & skill level.

Typesy will continually track your progress and adapt lessons so that you’re always learning in the most productive and effective way possible. You’ll master valuable typing, computer, and workplace productivity skills in half the time of other learning approaches.

Typesy constantly monitors your progress and adapts to your unique goals & skill level.
Advanced monitoring technology lets you track and personalize your learning.
Test your current typing speed and get recommendations for ideal goals.
Spend more time learning and less time doing boring “filler” exercises.

Master essential tech skills.

Learning to type is fast and easy on Typesy, but it's just the beginning of your journey to massive success. On Typesy, you will also master all the tech skills you need for any job or field of study. Set yourself up to be a 21st-century go-getter, and be the master of your technology domain. On Typesy you have all the latest skills at your fingertips, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Windows, Mac, Web, Online Video, and much more.

Sharpen your Microsoft Office skills with courses from industry experts

  • library_books13 courses
  • groupAge group 9+
  • list4 sections
  • keyboard472 lessons
  • watch_later41 hours

Learn the ins-and-outs of Mac & Windows operating systems

  • library_books4 courses
  • groupAge group 10+
  • list2 sections
  • keyboard241 lessons
  • watch_later19 hours

Master Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, and more

  • library_books9 courses
  • groupAge group 10+
  • list2 sections
  • keyboard348 lessons
  • watch_later24 hours

Beginning to expert training in HTML coding, website design, and wordpress management

  • library_books7 courses
  • groupAge group 15+
  • list2 sections
  • keyboard154 lessons
  • watch_later16 hours

Fun and ideal for kids kindergarten to grade 2

  • library_books2 courses
  • groupAge group 4-8
  • list1 section
  • keyboard16 lessons
  • watch_later16 minutes

Become an Youtube influencer and learn the fundamentals of Youtube success

  • library_books7 courses
  • groupAge group 15+
  • list2 section
  • keyboard123 lessons
  • watch_later12 hours

Get trained by the web’s leading experts.

With Typesy, you get access to high-quality video from leading experts in typing, computer, and career training. Combine these with our advanced typing exercises and you’ll be reaching your goals within days.

It’s social. And it’s cloud.

Typesy stores everything in the cloud and all your computers automatically stay in sync. You get unlimited installs on all your Windows, Mac, iPad, and Chrome machines. Start training on one computer, and continue right where you left off on the next. You can share typing exercises with friends, work in groups, and even share your success on Facebook.

Typesy keeps your progress synced between all windows, mac, chrome, and linux devices.
Over 465+ hours of typing, computer, and career training available on any device at any time.
Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, Typesy has a lesson for you to work on.

Master vital career & success skills.

Typesy is the only learning platform you’ll ever need for massive career and life success. Learn from the world’s leading experts vital skills in productivity, brain training, career, and communication.

Supercharge your productivity with time-management, focus, and self-discipline training

  • library_books6 courses
  • groupAge group 12+
  • list2 sections
  • keyboard727 lessons
  • watch_later44 hours

Excel in your career by improving communication, confidence, and influence

  • library_books22 courses
  • groupAge group 10+
  • list5 sections
  • keyboard2185 lessons
  • watch_later218 hours

Exercise your brain and improve concentration, habit building, and time-management

  • library_books2 courses
  • groupAge group 10+
  • list1 section
  • keyboard36 lessons
  • watch_later32 hours

Master important communication skills vital to the workplace and everyday life

  • library_books5 courses
  • groupAge group 10+
  • list1 section
  • keyboard189 lessons
  • watch_later32 hours

Communicate for massive success.

A little known secret is that typing and communication are the same thing. It’s not just how fast you type, but the actual words you type that will make all the difference. That’s why Typesy also boosts your vocabulary, spelling, and communication. Learn to communicate with a million-dollar vocabulary and always have the exact words you need for massive success.

Expand your vocabulary with the 400 most essential words to success in school & work

  • library_books2 courses
  • groupAge group 15+
  • list1 section
  • keyboard12 lessons
  • watch_later2 hours

Expand your vocabulary with 300 “must know” words

  • library_books31 courses
  • groupAge group 15+
  • list7 sections
  • keyboard352 lessons
  • watch_later12 hours

Broaden your vocabulary with words specifically designed to give you more confidence

  • library_books36 courses
  • groupAge group 15+
  • list1 section
  • keyboard352 lessons
  • watch_later12 hours

Broaden your vocabulary with powerful words and communicate effectively in a corporate setting

  • library_books13 courses
  • groupAge group 15+
  • list1 section
  • keyboard155 lessons
  • watch_later4 hours

Get Certified & Elevate your resume.

Typesy provides the industry’s most trusted typing certification program — included absolutely free with your subscription. Once you complete the requirements, Typesy will generate and print your personalized diploma ready to be added to your resume! We even provide a free verification service for employers. Landing your dream job just got a lot easier.

Perfect for the whole family.

Your Typesy subscription includes accounts for up to 5 users at no additional cost. With 465+ hours of training covering typing, IT, career, and more, there’s something for everyone in the family. Plus, each member will get their own individual profile on the cloud allowing them to use multiple devices.

Compare Typesy to previous-generation products.

Are you considering purchasing an older typing program? If so, we’re happy to help you compare Typesy to previous-generation products. Here’s a table that outlines some of the ways Typesy beats previous-generation products hands down.

Feature Typesy Other Product
Number of premium courses 122 1-2
Number of typing programs 800 1
Number of tech/app/software courses 53 None
Number of career/success courses 35 None
Number of vocabulary/communication courses 69 None
Games included Yes No
Teaching method EasyLearn combines video & software Simple drills
Adaptive algorithm to optimize learning Yes No
Powerful metrics and dashboard Yes No
Tracks goals Yes No
Trusted certification program Yes No
Syncs all lessons, progress, and profile in the cloud Yes No
Unlimited installs on all your computers, iOS, and Android devices Yes No
Social sharing of exercises and results Yes No

Try Typesy VIP FREE for 7 Days

You can start using Typesy in the next 5 minutes, at absolutely no cost. There is no charge for the first 7 days, and you can cancel anytime, even before you are charged.

Included Typesy VIP
All “Learn to Type” Features
Gamification, Leaderboard, Goals, and Profile
Reports and Analytics
Professional Typing Course
Interactive Typing Course
465+ hours of Premium Software/Productivity Training
Ergonomics Training
Dictation Training
Number of Users Included 5
First 7 Days: FREE
After 7 Days: Only /month

There is no charge for the first 7 days, and you can cancel anytime. If you cancel during your 7-day trial, there will be no charge.

All orders are verified and secured by GeoTrust.
Compatible everywhere! Includes unlimited installs on your Windows, Mac OS, iPad, Android, and Chrome OS devices.

Praise for Typesy

"Typesy is a program that is very user friendly for all ages. The lessons are quick and easy and can be completed during a lunch break. There is a sense of accomplishment when you earn badges."
"Typesy is an interactive application that enables you to improve your typing speed and accuracy using a plethora of fun activities, games and courses."
"Typesy is probably one of the best pieces of software to improve your typing skills. Typesy typing software is incredibly easy to use and navigate and the content is truly vast."
Educational App Store
"Teaches students basic typing skills as well as advanced typing skills through a unique blend of instructional videos, scientifically-designed lessons."
Education Technology
"Ease of use and effectiveness define this excellent typing software and make Typesy ideal for learning how to touch type."
Top Ten Reviews
"Speeds up the students' overall educational progress as it helps them increase their typing speed...an easy-to-use interface, this program is outstanding!"
Ed Tech Roundup
"One of the best typing software on the market as it comes with the largest video database. Every lesson is clearly explained."
Typing Lounge
"Typesy is modern and fun to use while offering the typist a unique and productive experience for those who want to improve their typing speed."
"After reviewing Typesy for about three weeks, it’s safe to say that this tutor is one of the best available options at the moment."
"The platform’s calling card is its customizable lessons, which monitor your progress and adapt based on your unique needs."
Very Well Family
"Typesy is the best app made to solve your typing challenges and it is very comprehensive and advanced typing tutor which has been made by a group of experts. "
Weekly Reviewer
"One of the best things about Typesy software is that users can access the software from anywhere in the world."
Technical Ustad
"Typesy is one of the best options out there. The software brings a lot of advanced features to help you improve your typing speed."
"Typesy is our top pick for the best typing software in 2022, and a lot of people who’ve used the tool will agree."
When You Write
"Typesy was built by experts and is the most popular typing tutor today. It cleverly combines exercises, games, video tutorials, and progress reports."
Business Technology Reviews
"Typesy is THE leading typing tutor software – it’s easy to use typing software redesigned for a new era."
Compsmag Alternatives
"Typesy’s most significant advantage is video instructions and talks about our typing mistakes and habits and has almost 520 typing exercises and games for learning typing quickly."
"Typesy is the #1-rated typing tutor designed to teach you how to type 70% faster while improving your typing accuracy - all in just 7 minutes a day!"
"Typesy integrates more with core school subject material, focuses more on formal tests, and includes 24/7 phone support."
Typing Agent
"Typesy is an effective and complete typing tutoring application that combines training in typing with videos."
Get Into PC
"The Typesy app which supports the special typing program which will boost your typing speed and abilities."
It Tech Gyan
"If you’re struggling to become a faster typist and need some help, Typesy is the solution. The easy-to-use software will walk you through becoming a fast, adept typist."
Talk Android
"Typesy is a good platform to use with your students to teach them typing. It provides educational common core aligned resources."
Educators Technology
"The best typing tutor software makes it simple and easy to learn to type efficiently using a computer keyboard."

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The single price includes unlimited installations on Windows, Mac, iPad, Web, and Chromebook. All your data, account, results, and course progress are automatically kept in sync between devices. You can train anywhere and access your account.

Absolutely not! Typesy has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. It can be downloaded and installed in a few clicks. You also get unlimited access to our support team should you need any help.

This is a fair question. Even though 99% of Internet sites are legitimate, there is the unfortunate 1% of scammers who make life difficult for the rest of us. You can be sure eReflect are legitimate because we are backed by top Internet security company GeoTrust. When you purchase Typesy, you will be paying via our corporate site www.ereflect.com, which is secured by GeoTrust (you can check this by looking at the address bar when you get to our order screen).

If you use Typesy for 7 minutes per day, you will be able to touch type in just one week. After 2-4 weeks you will see a dramatic improvement. We guarantee that you will triple your typing speed (for untrained typists) or increase it by 35% (for previously trained touch typists). No other product can offer this guarantee because no other product uses the latest technology for 2-3X faster results.

Typesy is appropriate for all ages from 7 and up.

Typesy supports all languages that read left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Although the menus and courses are in English, you can import and use typing exercises in any language.

Currently Typesy supports US, UK, Australian, Canadian, Spanish, and Brazilian keyboard layouts.

Typesy can easily run on any device that runs Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iPad OS, or Android.