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"Typesy for Teams fixes these 2 productivity killers"

Slow typing and poor computer skills can have a huge negative effect on your team's performance. Typesy for Teams will fix this (and boost productivity) in a fast, easy, and enjoyable way.

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In 2022, computers are the tools of our trade.
To win, we need to master these tools.

If you're doing work in 2022, computers are the "tools of your trade." Much like a carpenter displays stunning mastery of a chisel, hammer, and saw, your team needs complete mastery of their tools. If they are painfully "hunting and pecking" on the keyboard, fighting to find software features, or constantly battling computer problems, they aren't performing close to their potential. The biggest opportunity you have is to help your team master their tools, and Typesy for Teams was designed exactly for this. Here are some of the benefits you will see with Typesy for Teams:

2-3x Productivity Boost
2-3x Productivity Boost
When your team can type fast and effortlessly navigate their computer sofware, everything else will become effortless.
Increased Morale
Increased Morale
Let your team know you care about them and you are helping them succeed.
Massive ROI
Massive ROI
Studies estimate that team training yields a 353% return on investment. And with Typesy for Teams being so affordable and comprehensive, this is likely much higher. 1

The solution – Typesy for Teams boosts productivity after just 2 hours of use.

Typesy for Teams is the only typing training designed specifically for teams. Typesy’s professional curriculum teaches correct typing, and teaches it fast. Typesy uses the science of muscle memory and structured repetition to quickly enforce the habits of correct keyboard technique and finger placement. The result is an immediate and tangible productivity boost for your team.

Typesy’s exercises are scientifically designed to train muscle memory through a series of structured repetitions.
Effective Exercises
Typesy is the only program to teach correct keyboarding technique through powerful video technology.
Your team can access over 50 in-depth video lessons.
Video Lessons
Your team love the fun games that make learning to touch type a breeze.
Fun Games
Your team is motivated because they can see their results.
Powerful Tracking

You’re in good company.

Typesy is trusted by hundreds of the world's leading businesses.

World-class computer training for your team.

Typesy for teams includes over 465+ hours of premium software and productivity training covering Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Mac, Windows, and more. Give your team the valuable IT and computer skills they need to make their jobs easier and more productive. The computer courses included in Typesy Teams have an original retail value of over $17,429.12. But they are all included in a single low monthly price when you get Typesy for Teams for your team today.

Dive Into Microsoft Office
Dive Into Microsoft Office
Make incredible presentations, analyze data, and draft professional word documents. Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite is a must-have for the modern professional.
Discover the Power of Google Apps in the Cloud
Discover the Power of Google Apps in the Cloud
Find out how Google business applications improve collaboration and problem-solving in real-time. Work better in teams to tackle complex projects.
Learn Advanced OS Skills
Learn Advanced OS Skills
Become an expert with the leading computer operating systems from Apple and Microsoft. Unlock features you never knew existed and work more efficiently.

Know your ROI – easily track team usage and improvement.

With Typesy for Teams you can get detailed reports on how your team’s typing is getting faster and more accurate. You can see how much time they have spent training, how much they have improved, and easily know your ROI. Typesy is ideal for reporting success to management and motivating your team.

See detailed reports on your team, even see live as they use Typesy.
Live Online Reporting
Get reports on who is using Typesy when, and how much time they are spending.
Track Usage
Get reports on speed, accuracy, adjusted speed, and overall competency.
Know your ROI

Make it competitive and fun.

Your team will have a great time improving with Typesy. Let them compete in the team hall of fame, strive for status levels, get points, and play fun games. Motivating your team to massive productivity gains is easy with Typesy.

Divide your team into groups and have fun as they compete for their position.
Team hall of fame
Typesy employs a myriad of fun games to keep your team engaged as they improve.
Fun games
Set up typing tests and assignments to work on together.
Tests and assignments

Test your team and new candidates.

Not only is Typesy a great tool to improve your Team's productivity, it's also ideal for many HR activities. With Typesy for Teams, you can easily test the typing of new candidates. Issue a test in a few minutes, and get a detailed analysis of your candidate's typing, including speed, accuracy, keyboard coverage, and more.

Easily test candidates or your existing team.
Set up tests in minutes
Understand speed, accuracy, strengths & weaknesses, and likely productivity.
Get detailed reports
Set a criteria and see who passes and who fails.
Grade and assess

Issue and print verifiable Typesy certificates. Let the team share their certificates and Typesy profile.

Typesy for Teams issues official verifiable certificates. This gives confidence of staff improvement and helps the team feel a strong sense of achievement. Your team can even share their certificates and achievements via their Typesy profile.

Issue and print verifiable Typesy certificates. Let the team share their certificates and Typesy profile

Real. Professional. Training.

Typesy’s typing course combines detailed video training, scientifically designed exercises, a structured curriculum, and fun game-like mechanics. It’s all designed to make Typesy effective and give you the maximum productivity boost in the minimum time.

Demonstrate the correct keyboard technique and hand placement.
Detailed video tutorials
Using the science of muscle memory and structured repetition, users will quickly form the right habits and enforce the correct typing technique.
Scientifically designed exercises
Ergonomics. For a safer, happier team.

Ergonomics. For a safer, happier team.

Typesy for Teams includes detailed sections on ergonomics to help reduce the chance of back problems, eye fatigue, and painful RSI.

Training from leading experts.

Typesy for Teams gives you the highest quality computer training from the world's leading experts. Don't compromise on quality when training your team. Give them the best training for the best results.

Allan Murray
Alan Murray is a Microsoft Excel trainer and consultant. He has been training and consulting for the past 20 years for businesses around the world.
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson is an author, publisher, and educator, and a leading expert in MS Office. Since 2014 he has published over 48 online video training courses online.
Kawser Ahmed
Kawser Ahmed is a full-time data analysis blogger (using Excel & other tools), corporate Excel trainer, and entrepreneur. He loves to make courses in the combination of both theory and practice.
John Bura
John Bura has been a successful instructor since 2011. John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive.
Danny Ballan
Danny Ballan is an educational technology designer with an obsession with technology. He has practised as a teacher for over 10 years, and later designed content for a global educational corporation to be used by schools all over the world for more than 6 years.
Cliff Krahenbill
Cliff has a Master of Science in Cyber Security from UMUC (2015) and Master of Science in Information Technology from Capella University (2007). He has taught online since 2008 and teaches for a number of other online universities and colleges.
Fran Solo
Fran is CEO and Founder of Meijin Limited. Meijin Academy is a brand under Meijin Limited, which is a community about learning new skills to earn an income from home. He’s also an Apple Business Trainer for one of the Top Fortune 500 companies.
Amanda Orozco
Amanda has been a teacher for over five years, both in the US and overseas, and is passionate about helping people discover the power of technology in learning.
Laurence Svekis
Laurence Svekis has been teaching web development courses and digital marketing since 2002. He focuses on technology solutions to help enhance the online experience.
TJ Walker
TJ Walker is a best-selling course trainer focused on media training and communication skills. He is also the founder of Media Training Worldwide, hosting training workshops and seminars in over two dozen countries.

No IT headaches.

Typesy works on the web seamlessly with no IT support required. You can be up and running with your team in 5 minutes. And you can also download apps for Windows, Mac, and iPad.

No IT headaches
Any location. Any time

Any location. Any time.

Your team can log in on any computer or device in any location and instantly access the same account, results, and course progress.

Unlimited phone support. Unlimited upgrades. Concierge service.

Unlimited Phone Support
Unlimited Phone Support
Your subscription comes with premium unlimited phone support for teachers and administrators. Whenever you need some help just give us a call.
Unlimited Upgrades
Unlimited Upgrades
Typesy web, desktop, mobile, and Chrome apps update automatically to ensure your software is always running smoothly on the latest version.
Concierge Service
Concierge Service
Your dedicated support rep will work with your IT people to set up Typesy. We do everything for you. Concierge service is free with your subscription.
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