Typesy 2019.2.1 Updates for Teachers

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April is beginning and Typesy is rolling out lots of new features to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Okay, so maybe the timing is a coincidence, but we’re still excited to share with you certain changes we’ve made to the software to improve functionality for our teachers. Read below for details of our 2019.2.1 update!

Features for Teachers

Assignment Support

Teachers can assign tests and exams to their students in the software. As of this update, you will be able to give out and collect assignments as well.

Auto-Grade System

Admins will be able to create a template that can be applied to all tasks completed by students, in order to test progress, assignment scores, and exam results. This template will automatically grade submitted work.

Time Setting for Tasks

In a related update, teachers will now be able to further structure their classes by indicating what time of day various tasks are available.

Class Pause

The new time setting feature is supported by class pause, which allows admins to stop all students from logging in to Typesy until the class is unpaused. This gives the teacher time to grade tests after they are submitted (if you’ve chosen not to use our Auto-Grade System, that is!). Teachers can pause classes either one at a time or all at once.

Password Lock

Using this feature, admins can disable student ability to change passwords. They will only be able to log in with prior passwords or temporary ones handed out by the instructor.

Additional Teacher Information

Progress Report Improvement

The Progress Report now includes percentage complete, a progress bar, and which step of the program your students have completed. It is differentiated by course.

Keyboard Knowledge Heat Map

We have added this feature to help teachers identify the areas that are difficult for students and which are more successful. The heat map will glow green where students are doing well and red in areas that still challenge them.

We hope these updates help you as you teach students of all ages how to type. Look forward to more updates in upcoming versions of the software!

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