Typesy August 2023 Update

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Typesy is an active, growing project. We have a team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers committed to improving the product. Here are the latest updates:

New Typesy Features

Integrated Immersive Reader
By integrating Immersive Reader into Typesy’s main typing activity, users can now access a variety of accessibility features that can help them with language, reading, and understanding. These features include language translation, text to speech, reading aids, and more. This will enhance typing skills making learning both engaging and accessible. To access this feature, simply click on the immersive reader icon on any typing activity.
This feature applies to all Typesy accounts
Assign Individual Courses
This new feature gives teachers and admins more control over the learning journey of their students. They can now assign specific courses in addition to entire curriculums.
The new Curriculum page has been updated to make it easier for teachers and admins to find and assign courses. The page now has two tabs: Curriculum and Courses. The Curriculum tab lists all of the available curriculums, and the Courses tab lists all of the available courses. Both tabs have filters that allow admins to narrow down their search.
The Class Curriculum page has also been updated to show both assigned curriculums and courses. The order of the courses and curriculums is based on the most recently assigned items. This makes it easy for teachers and admins to see which courses their students have been assigned and when they were assigned.
Admins can also remove assigned courses from the Class Curriculum page. This allows them to make changes to the learning journey of their students as needed.
Students can view their assigned courses in the Courses tab. This allows them to see what courses they have been assigned and when they are due.
This feature applies to Typesy for School accounts only
Spanish Typing Exercises and New Settings
These new features make Typesy even more welcoming for Spanish-speaking students. Spanish typing exercises are added to Common Core, TEKS, Cross-curricular, and B.E.S.T. curricula. This new feature allows students to complete cross-curricular typing lessons in Spanish.
This feature applies to Typesy for School accounts only
Disable Initial Test
Teachers and admins can now disable the initial placement test for their classes. The test will be disabled by default for classes from grades K through 2, to better accommodate the limited reading skills of younger students. This gives teachers even more learning flexibility to teach their class according to their own lesson plans. The initial test can be turned on or off at any time in the class settings.
This feature applies to Typesy for School accounts only

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