Typesy August 26, 2021 Update

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Typesy is an active project. We have a large team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers constantly working to improve the product. Here are the latest updates:

New Curriculum

NOTE: This is available to Typesy School/District and Typesy Homeschool customers only. These customers get this curriculum at no additional cost.
K-2 Computer Basics
Kindergarten through Second Grade Computer Basics Courses teaches young children the purpose of a computer, along with some basic tech skills that sets them up for long-term success as a computer user. Engaging video-based guides will take students through the basic component parts of a computer, including the internal hardware, mouse, keyboard, monitor and speakers. Through story-based video-learning, users will come away with a well-rounded understanding of computer technology and the most important tasks you can do on it.

New Premium Course

Typesy VIP, Homeschool, and School subscribers get this course at no additional cost.
Course #59: Complete Public Speaking Masterclass For Every Occasion Part 1
This best-selling course on public speaking prepares you for giving a public speech in any place and for any kind of audience. If you’re brand new to public speaking, you will learn the fundamentals of looking confident and being in command of your presentation.

New Typesy Features

Improved Activation and Reactivation
Users with an expired subscription are now able to log in to a limited version of the app and reactivate their subscription to regain full access.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
New Toolbar Design
New icons and design for the screen labels on the top toolbar of the app. Some buttons have been moved to improve their visibility. This helps to reinforce Typesy as one of the most fresh, modern and user-friendly learning apps available today.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
Minor UX Updates
  • Made some fixes to the voiceover feature.
  • Improved buttons on Course lock dialog.
  • Improved recommendation engine for new activities.
  • Added “All Games: section at the top of the game categories in the Play screen.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with searching within the exercise dialog where the incorrect text category is displayed after clearing a search
  • Fixed: Clever admin users can’t open the student interface. Clicking the Student Interface button will only display the admin view again.
  • Fixed: Shortcut url links to each Typesy screen were no longer working (e.g.
  • Fixed minor UI/UX glitches

New Typesy Admin Features

Report Help Text
Added help buttons for all the group reports that give useful information on the content of the report and how to use it.
This feature is applicable to Typesy Homeschool and Typesy for Education.
  1. Click Classes, click Reports, choose the report you need to view, then click the Help icon.
  2. View the report description.
Minor Admin UX Updates
  • Updated Create Class dialog in admin interface.
  • Disable initial test for Typesy Education and Typesy Homeschool students in grade 2 or lower.
  • Added help tooltip to Get Login Info dialog when some information is not able to be displayed.
  • Various minor UI improvements.
This feature is applicable to Typesy Homeschool and Typesy for Education.

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