Typesy July 13, 2021

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Typesy is an active project. We have a large team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers constantly working to improve the product. Here are the latest updates:

New Premium Courses Added
Typesy VIP, Homeschool, or School subscribers get the following courses at no additional cost.
Course #52: Complete Job Interviewing Skills (with Real Life Examples)
In this 10-section course, learn how to answer every interview question in a way that impresses the others in the room. You’ll find out how to prepare for questions before the big day, and how to build up your conversational skills and qualifications for your niche, career focus and job type. Finally, you’ll get some practical do’s and don’ts for when you’re in an interview setting.
Course #53: Computer Skills for Parents to Teach Their Kids
Use this course to help children learn basic computer concepts without it going over their heads. It’s also a great option for senior citizen members of the family who don’t know computers as well. Be able to teach the basics of hardware, software and applications in a way that a complete beginner can understand. Best of all? You can learn it all in less than 45 minutes!
Course #54: The Complete IT Job Search Course – Land Your Dream IT Job
Learn the best practices for improving your LinkedIn resume and meeting (or exceeding) whatever qualifications recruiters are looking for. Then you’ll discover over 30 different ways to prepare for your interview. By the end of this course you can answer questions with ease, be engaging the entire time, negotiate a salary with confidence and so much more.
New Feature: Recording of performance stats at the final typing activity
Typing speed and accuracy is now recorded for the final typing activity of each course. These recorded stats for the courses will be displayed in the “Curriculum Report” for the user. This allows you to see how your students are performing as they progress through the curriculum.
This feature is applicable to Homeschool and EDU.
    1. On the Admin interface, click “ Classes and select a particular class.

    1. Click “Reports”, then click “Curriculum Progress.

    1. Specify the particular course you want to view. You will see the data of the last activity.

New Feature: Word Discover
In the words tab, several resources have been made available when looking at a word. Can change between different resources to look at a dictionary listing, Wikipedia or Wiktionary listing for a particular word. The different resources can be hidden. This helps students access richer information about a word to enhance their learning.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
New Feature: All features and activities now respond to the “Sound” setting.
The “Sound” setting will now apply to the sound that plays when you complete a lesson or game.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
Fixed bugs and Minor Tweaks
  • Fixed minor bugs for a seamless experience.

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