Typesy July 22, 2022 Update

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Typesy is an active, growing project. We have a team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers committed to improving this product. Here are the latest updates:

New Typesy Features

Support for SIS Student Number
When using Clever, SIS IDs are synced with Typesy and will be visible in class, use, and district reports.
This feature applies to the Typesy for Schools version.
Loading Animation Update
New design for the loading screen
This feature applies to all versions.
Initial Test Update
New questions added to the Initial Test dialog. The questions will determine the user’s topics of interest and the choices for these questions are displayed in a slider. The top 4 topics that the user is interested in will be used in the recommended section of the Courses screen.
For the dialog’s design, there is now a progress indicator at the top, and the dialog is now displayed using the entire screen.
This feature applies to VIP users only.
Course Tab Experience Update
This update will make it super easy for users to find and consume content on Typesy.
Everything is displayed in a single screen with a top toolbar showing the curriculum categories (e.g. Learn the Keyboard, TEKS, Common Core, etc.) when user scrolls down.
With one swipe, users can now see the new curriculum category.
“Continue learning” section
This section will only display if the user has started a course
“Recommended” section
Applicable to Typesy VIP customers only. Typesy can now recommend courses based on your initial test, interests, and activity on the platform.
NOTE: This section is not applicable to Typesy for School or Homeschool versions.
“Assigned to” section
This section is applicable to users under schools or the homeschool account. If the user has a work or curriculum assigned, this section will appear as the first section. However, if the user have started a course, the “Continue learning” section will show first, and then the “Assigned to” section will show next.
This feature applies to all versions.

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