Typesy June 29, 2021 Update

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Typesy is an active project. We have a large team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, psychologists, and user interface designers constantly working to improve the product. Here are the latest updates:

New Premium Courses Added
The following courses are now included with your Typesy VIP, Homeschool, or School subscription at no additional cost.
Course #50: Organize With Office 365
Office 365 is the ultimate cloud based solution, with over 70% of all Fortune 500s using it for their day-to-day operations. Now is your chance to understand how it all works. Along the way, discover features you may never have realized existed (but will certainly boost your business productivity) and get an inside look at Office 365’s latest work-sharing and team-building applications.
Course #51: Get Started With Microsoft Excel
Want to know the basics of Excel – quickly – for your resume, a job promotion or personal business development? Then this fast-paced 6-part course is the perfect introduction. Start by navigating the default layout of any Excel spreadsheet document. Then discover basic inputs and calculations every Excel user needs to get started. Finally, bring all your new skills together for a personally-configured document that you can save, print and share with others. A must-do course for one-off Excel projects!
New Feature: 1-Click Access To Any Video Course
You now have a much easier way of navigating our video course menus. When in a course, simply click the arrow at the top right to expand the menu options. Then choose the section of the video you want to skip to, or pick up from your last visit.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
New Feature: Real-Time Course Status Tracker
Now any time you are in the courses menu (or click the lightbulb icon on the home screen), you will see the number of courses “completed” or “in progress” for any curriculum you are enrolled and active in.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
    1. Click the “Courses” Menu.

    1. If you view a particular curriculum, you’ll see the progress directly.

New Feature: Spot Latest Curriculum with Our “New” Badge
Want to be notified when Typesy adds a new personal development or typing improvement curriculum?Just check your Courses Menu! If a curriculum has been published in the last 6 weeks, then a “new” badge is placed in the bottom right corner. Remember, new skill-building curriculums are added to Typesy every quarter.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
    1. Click the “Courses” Menu.

    1. Scroll down to see the new curriculum added.

New Feature: Dark and Light Theme Backgrounds
Take more control of the background color scheme for your Typesy side panels and top row of categories! To choose your preferred background theme:
This feature is applicable to all versions.
    1. Click “Menu” at the top right corner.

    1. Click “Options” Menu.

    1. Click “Edit Profile”.

    1. Click the “Change Background”, then “Save”.

New Feature: Typesy Smart Technology Prevents Caps Lock Typing Errors
This new typing mistake prevention tool improves your overall success in each course (and makes sure no more accidental mistakes are counted against you).
This feature is applicable to all versions.
    1. If you type incorrectly due to Caps Lock, a warning will appear.

New Feature: Student Login Info Now Available As An Archiveable Email
This feature allows admin accounts to automatically send login info to students on the assigned email email address. Parents or teachers, that has admin accounts, can easily send the email with user information so that students or children can directly access accounts on their own.
This feature is applicable to all versions.
    1. Click the “Users” tab in the Admin account.

    1. Select your student and click “User Menu” at the top right corner.

    1. Click “Get Login Info”.

    1. Click “Email Info” in the pop-up box.

  1. Don’t see the button for a particular student? They may either not have an email or they may be linked to a Single Sign On product (includes Google Classroom/Classlink/Clever/Schoology)
NOTE: These courses are only available to Typesy School, Homeschool, and VIP members. If you don’t yet have access you can upgrade from within your account.
Fixed bugs and Minor Tweaks
  • Improved game performance on iPad.
  • MUTE ALL option added to Sound settings (includes keyboard clicking).
  • Updated visibility of green check mark for completed courses.
  • Improved keyboard click accuracy.
  • Fixed layout glitches in the Print/Export button.

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