Typesy Updates: November 2019

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There were several updates made to Typesy in November of 2019. These were in an attempt to improve the admin and user interfaces of the site. The primary updates are:

Status Level Dialog 


Live Class Pause

Adaptive Learning Prompt Design

Blocky – the new Typesy character

Addition of Dyslexia Font

Each of these updates will likely have their own post to provide more information and details. We will briefly cover each one of them in this article. These updates are all key improvements to the site.

Status Level Dialog pertains to the students being addressed by their status level that they attained on the site. This is more of a motivating feature than the students trying to remember it or being notified in the class of their achievements. This function makes sure that they are constantly aware of the level of their achievement by constantly displaying their status.

All of the tweaks to the design and function of the site are meant to further engage the students and increase the ease of use for teachers. Attention-grabbing designs are important for interactive learning. This along with an easy to navigate admin section will greatly improve progress for you and your class.

Teachers now have the option of pausing a live class. This prevents students from logging on and gives the teacher time to catch up on grading or other tweaks that you may need to make to the settings. This is a helpful option that allows teachers to further regulate the progress of their class.

The Adaptive Learning Prompt Design update has improved typesy’s approach toward responding to a student’s individual data accordingly. The software has continued to increase adaptability to each student in order to increase individual improvement. This feature will produce prompts that will assist in the student’s progress, and these prompts have been updated to better grasp the student’s attention to help them improve.

Another way that Typesy has attempted to keep students engaged is with our fun new character, Blocky. Blocky will become a more prevalent part of the site and will hopefully further assist in grabbing the student’s attention and encouraging progress. This is a further attempt in motivation and incentivizing the progress of our users.

In a further attempt to provide an adaptive learning platform, Typesy has added Dyslexia font. This font is designed to be easier to read, specifically for those with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. As we further improve the site adaptive learning for all individuals is a primary focus.

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