Why Typesy is the Top-Rated Typing Course

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As reviewers have noted, Typesy offers step-by-step courses that have been designed to fulfill different needs. If your touch typing skills are limited, you can start with the beginner course. As your skills improve, you can progress to the advanced courses. If you already have some touch typing experience, you can skip the beginner courses and jump right into the advanced instruction.

Typesy also offers focused instruction in specific skill building areas. You’ll find specially designed “fast typing tonics” on building speed, improving accuracy, working with the numeric keypad, and more. These are excellent refresher courses that you can work on whenever you have a few minutes of free time.

No matter what course you choose to work on first, each course is a separate module that functions as a virtual workshops that combines video and computer training. Each course begins with verbal instruction that describes what will be covered in the course, the correct fingers to use, and other appropriate information.

Instruction is followed by computer-generated exercises that are always accompanied by images showing proper hand and finger placement. All of this is designed to simulate what you would expect to happen in a live touch typing workshop. The key difference is convenience. You won’t waste time traveling to and from Typesy’s workshops, because you can take the workshops with you on your laptop. And you can repeat the workshops as often as you like.

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