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Strengthen your students’ CTE professional skills with engaging typing exercises & courses designed to help them advance their careers.

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Increase your students’ workplace value with typing.

Being a fast typer is just as important, if not, more important than having a college degree in the current workplace. Think about how many uses typing has in the modern workforce. Whether you need to write out a timely email for your boss, submit a proposal before an upcoming deadline, or draft a spreadsheet for your company’s quarterly earnings — being able to type quickly and accurately is crucial for efficient time management. That’s why it's ultra-important that your students master it before entering their careers.

Earn More Money
Earn More Money
Faster typing speeds will qualify your students for higher-paying jobs and give them a competitive edge in the workforce.
Save 4-47 Hours Per Month
Save 4-47 Hours Per Month
Typesy users save anywhere from 4 to 47 hours a month just by increasing their typing speeds.
Be up to 63% More Efficient On The Job
Be up to 63% More Efficient On The Job
Efficient typing will allow your students to get more work done in less time. They’ll have more free time, happier bosses, and higher salaries than their “slow typist” counterparts.

465+ Hours of CTE Based Courses

The job market is now more competitive than ever — more and more employers are looking for relevant job experience when hiring and will favor applicants who have it. What does this mean for your students? It means that they need to have practical job training before graduating if they want to excel in the job market. That’s where Typesy CTE Edition comes in. With Typesy CTE Edition, students can explore over 465+ hours of CTE based courses covering subjects like Microsoft Office, Google Suite, coding, web design, and more! Plus, they’ll be developing crucial touch-typing skills along the way.

Web Design
Web Design
70+ lessons covering UI design, website hosting, and Wordpress for entrepreneurs.
70+ lessons covering HTML & CSS fundamentals.
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office
Master the Microsoft Office Suite with expert taught courses covering 365, Office, Powerpoint, and Word.
Google Suite
Google Suite
Learn applicable work and school skills with 200+ courses covering Docs, Slides, Classroom, Gmail, and more!
Much More!
Much More!
Operating Systems, Web skills, Online Video, Productivity, Career Success, Brain Training, and Vocabulary.

The fastest way to develop touch-typing mastery.

Typesy isn’t just some memorization program. It’s an engaging platform specifically engineered by experts to help your students master the art of touch-typing as fast as possible. Everything is hands on and designed to keep students motivated via fun games, activities, and lessons. Watch your students’ WPM (words per minute) skyrocket with as little as 30 minutes of practice a day.

Hundreds of scientifically designed computer activities will train your students’ minds & fingers to touch-type with ease.
Effective Exercises
Our expert instructors will take your students by the hand and guide them at every step.
Expert Video Help
Latest advances in computer training yield 2-3X faster results.
Quick-learning Tech

Adapt to your students’ individual goals.

Every student is unique. That’s why it's important to have a teaching system that adapts to their individual goals. With Typesy, they’re completely free to choose their own path. Want to develop life-long typing efficiency? Get some practice with one of Typesy’s many games & activities. Looking to break your way into the business world? Try our Microsoft Office or career success courses. Typesy even has a comprehensive YouTube course designed for students who want to pursue a hobby (or even a career) filming, editing, and posting videos on YouTube.

Students are free to test different lesson options.
Unique Learning Paths
With over 465+ hours of CTE based lessons, students can explore their own unique goals & disciplines.
Diverse Catalog of Lessons
Teachers can create custom typing lessons that adjust to their students’ individual learning goals.
Build Custom Practice Sets
Import lessons from any online document or article.
Import Lessons

Fun and engaging learning.

Forget repetitive and boring exercises that lose attention within minutes. With Typesy, the repetition needed to build your students’ muscle memories & skill repertoires is cleverly disguised as unique typing activities & games. Everything is specifically designed to keep your students engaged and having fun. Whether they just want to focus on touch typing mastery or have a desire to branch out into another skill — Typesy is the ultimate learning solution!

20 fun activities designed to help students retain information while they increase their typing speeds.
20 Fun Activities
Activities and games work with any text or drill — including your own custom text.
Practice Anything
Learn any information or skill in half the time of other learning approaches.
Accelerate Your Learning
Lessons and activities are specifically designed with your students’ enjoyment in mind.
Enjoy The Process
Progress in as little as 30 minutes a day

Progress in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Every school is different. Typesy, recognizes this and makes it easy to implement into your unique curriculums, schedules, and learning approaches. Make Typesy the center of your lessons or just a supplement — the choice is yours. Even just 30 minutes of use a day will skyrocket your students’ touch typing abilities. Whatever approach you choose, Typesy will accommodate with extensive class plans and teacher support.

Used by top schools and districts nationwide.

Typesy is the leading premium keyboarding program. Countless top schools and districts rely on Typesy every day. See some of our happy customers here.

Always private.

At Typesy, we take student privacy very seriously. We will never, under any circumstance, sell student data or that of administrators and teachers. Additionally, we will never show you or your students advertisements via the Typesy application. They’re extremely distracting and take away from the engaging experience, we’ve worked so hard to build. You pay for a premium experience, and you deserve one without ads.

Always private

Improve state test results.

In addition to CTE training, Typesy includes over 4,000 common core aligned typing lessons. So, if you’re in one of the 41 states that require common core standards to be taught, it can be an amazing addition to your curriculum! With lesson plans covering the same subjects & concepts taught in classrooms like science, social studies, ELA, and math, Typesy will skyrocket your in-class & state test results. Plus, it can be easily integrated into your current curriculum with as little as 30 mins of practice a day.

Common Core typing lessons cover science, social studies, ELA, math, and more.
Over 4,000 Common Core Lessons
Separate curriculums for each grade.
Grades 2-10
Teachers can import spelling lists into Typesy and instantly implement them into their practice and assignments.
Spelling List Support

Easy implementation.

Typesy’s implementation is designed specifically with teachers and schools in mind — the initial setup is so easy you could teach it to a kindergartener. Our team will work with administrators and teachers on class setups, data imports, analytic utilization, and anything else you may have questions about. Plus, if you ever have issues, we offer unlimited training as well as live 24/7 support.

In addition to regular training webinars, the Typesy team will assist you with any questions or issues at no additional cost.
Unlimited Training
The Typesy admin interface features a live 24/7 chat available to help you with any questions or technical problems.
24/7 Support
Teachers and administrators can access the free Teaching with Typesy course available on Udemy and inside the Typesy application.
Free Comprehensive Course

Anytime. Anywhere.

With cloud-based technology, students can login to Typesy with any computer or laptop (whether at home or on campus) and continue working from where they left off. This also makes it super easy for teachers to assign at-home lessons, quizzes, and practice.

Anytime. Anywhere.
Typing certification

Typing certification.

Typesy provides the industry’s most trusted typing certification — all included with the program at no added cost. Once your students complete the requirements, Typesy will work with our system to generate and print their personalized diplomas. We even provide a free verification service for employers. Preparing your students for the job market just got a lot easier.

Unlimited phone support. Unlimited upgrades. Concierge service.

Unlimited Phone Support
Unlimited Phone Support
Your subscription comes with premium unlimited phone support for teachers and administrators. Whenever you need some help just give us a call.
Unlimited Upgrades
Unlimited Upgrades
Typesy web, desktop, mobile, and Chrome apps update automatically to ensure your software is always running smoothly on the latest version.
Concierge Service
Concierge Service
Your dedicated support rep will work with your IT people to set up Typesy. We do everything for you. Concierge service is free with your subscription.


"Ease of use and effectiveness define this excellent typing software and make Typesy ideal for learning how to touch type."
Top Ten Reviews
"Our students have found Typesy very easy to use and our teachers have seen big improvements in the student's typing skills in a short amount of time."
David Hurley - School Teacher
"Typesy’s cloud based design provides great flexibility for classroom organization...very simple to implement and has not burdened our network resources."
Mark Nowak - Technical Director
"Speeds up the students' overall educational progress as it helps them increase their typing speed...an easy-to-use interface that makes this program an outstanding tool."
Michael Karlin - Technology Teacher
"After I unwrapped Typesy, I instantly saw the superior quality. There is just no comparison to other programs I have used over the years."
Tina Robertson - Tina's Dynamic Homeschool
"Typesy gives students a more challenging typing experience than what we were previously using. There is lots of practice that helps to cement the key locations into the mind."
Jason Strack - Computer Teacher
"After using the trial, and consulting with the eReflect staff it was an easy decision that I do not regret. Pupils aged 12 – 16 are making fantastic and measurable progress."
Shaun Johnson - Technology Teacher
"I'm delighted to say that the program is excellent and the students enjoy using it. We are impressed with eReflect's response to our queries."
Rosanna Sofoulis - Business & IT Teacher

Compare Typesy to non-premium offerings.

Feature Typesy Other Product
Apps/platforms Web, Chromebook, iPad, Mac/Windows desktop Web only
Invasive advertising Always 100% ad free Contains invasive ads
Ad networks tracking student data Data is never sold or given to anyone Student data is shared with ad networks
Loading time Almost instant web 3.0 technology Traditional slow-loading web pages
Demand on school’s internet Minimal High
Adapts to your learning Yes No
Students can log in from home Yes No
Also teaches kids to spell Yes No
Spelling list support Yes No
Includes 4,000 common core lessons Yes No
Number of lessons 4,385 100+
Printable certificates Yes No
Number of Courses 360+ 1-2
Support Unlimited 24/7 support included None or minimal
User Interface Latest technology as of Obsolete technology

Try Typesy for 60 days.
Unlimited students, full version, no obligations.

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