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"The premium keyboarding program for education"

  • Fast typing for improved state tests results

  • Gets kids typing fast and computer literate, the correct way

  • Teaches standards-based common core content

  • Fun and easy to use - kids and teachers love it

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Typing is the most essential skill for all kids to learn.

You may be aware that there has been a recent push to teach keyboarding (typing) in most schools. The reason for this is three-fold. Firstly, as most states move to computer-based tests, it’s essential that students can type quickly and efficiently - otherwise, test scores can be severely affected. Secondly, the common core standards specify keyboarding skills by grade, making keyboarding an essential inclusion in any state curriculum. Finally, schools are recognizing that keyboarding is closely tied to computer literacy, equality of access, and educational outcomes in all areas.

Improved Test Results

Students with fast and accurate typing will do better in computer-based tests, lifting results for the student, and also the entire school.

Common Core Compliance

Keyboarding skills are part of the common core standards. Students with good keyboarding skills can meet and exceed these standards.

Improved Educational Outcomes

Keyboarding is closely tied to computer literacy, equality of access, and educational outcomes in all areas.

Fast typing equals better state test scores.

Students can be talented, well taught, and otherwise well prepared. But if they can’t translate their thoughts to computer, they will be at a massive disadvantage on their test. Typesy is designed for schools that need to prepare for computer-based state tests. Typesy uses a structured curriculum and the science of muscle memory to make students lightening fast and ultra efficient with the computer. So your students can focus on the perfect answer, rather than fumbling around on the computer.

  • Effective Exercises
    Typesy’s exercises are scientifically designed to train muscle memory through a series of structured repetitions.
  • 3D Animated Story-Based Teaching
    Typesy is the only program to use immersive 3D animated stories to keep your students engaged and loving the process.
  • Video Lessons
    Typesy is the only program to teach correct keyboarding technique through powerful video technology.
    Students can access over 50 in-depth video lessons.
  • Fun Games
    Students love the fun games that make learning to touch type a breeze.
  • Powerful Tracking
    Students are motivated because they can see their results.

They don’t just learn to type. They learn as they type.

As Typesy teaches students to type, it also teaches them valuable common-core standards-based content. Typesy includes over 4000 lessons covering science, social studies, ELA, Math and more. Gone are the days when keyboarding lessons were only gibberish and meaningless text. Instead, students learn typing in an individualized way, which enhances education through a standards-based typing curriculum.

  • Over 4000 lessons
    Covering science, social studies, ELA, Math and more.
  • Grades 2-10
    Separate curriculums for each grade.
  • Spelling list support
    Typesy can even teach kids typing based on spelling lists.

Students love Typesy, teachers love Typesy, everyone loves Typesy!

Typesy uses the latest in game mechanics, rewards, and healthy competition to keep students highly motivated with their learning. Students can build points and levels, work on their avatar, play exciting games. And teachers can optionally allow students to compete in the hall of fame. It all means that students stay engaged and get results. And when the students are happy and getting results, teachers are happy too.

  • Motivation
    Students are rewarded as they build points and levels.
  • Avatar
    Students get to enhance their avatar as a reward for better typing.
  • Fun Games
    Students are rewarded with fun games as they progress through the curriculum.
  • Hall of fame
    Students can engage in friendly constructive competition to enhance motivation.

A rich library of curriculums for all grades.

It’s vitally important that all students master keyboarding, no matter what their grade. While it’s much better to start early, it’s also never too late. For this reason, Typesy includes multiple curriculums to cater for all grade levels, from grade 2 to 12. Typesy also provides detailed lesson plans and comprehensive teacher support.

  • Kids Curriculum
    Features animated story based learning which is highly immersive and captivating for younger kids.
  • Interactive Curriculum
    High school kids can be taught with the engaging and educational curriculum.
  • Common Core Curriculums
    Four curriculums featuring over 4000 lessons that teach valuable common-core standards-based content across science, social studies, ELA, math, and more. Students learn as they type.
  • Professional Curriculum
    For seniors to adults - this curriculum is designed for college and job readiness.
    Mega speed and accuracy, dictation, keypad, ergonomics, and more.

Make use of students’ spare time, or make Typesy center stage. The choice is yours.

At Typesy, we understand that not every school can teach in the same way, and teachers are often under pressure to fit everything in. That’s why we designed Typesy to cater for a range of learning approaches. Typesy can teach students to type “almost automatically” using just their spare time. Or it can be made a part of the class plan and can even take center-stage in learning. Whatever approach you choose, Typesy provides extensive class plans and teacher support.

Used by top schools and districts nationwide.

Typesy is the leading premium keyboarding program. Countless top schools and districts rely on Typesy every day. See some of our happy customers here.

Student privacy is our priority.

Some lower-end keyboarding programs are notorious for distracting students with invasive ads, which are often of an inappropriate nature. Not only are these ads harmful and distracting – your student data is also accessed by third-party ad networks for further exploitation. At Typesy, we pledge to never show ads to students, and to never sell student data. Typesy is clean, so students can focus on Typing rather than being influenced by large corporations or political movements.

Powerful reporting, easy control, live stats.

Typesy gives teachers complete visibility and easy control. At a quick glance you can see how the class is doing, how each student is doing, and who needs help. And if you prefer to be hands on, you can drill down to see detailed reports for each student. All data is updated “live” in front of your eyes as students type.

  • Live Online Reporting
    Track student progress and identify problems easily, and take action quickly.
  • Actionable Information
    Get a wealth of actionable information about every student. See who’s doing well and who needs help. Make sure everyone’s doing their work.
  • Easy Online Admin
    The online interface allows easy administration of students and users. Import students, set up classes, and reset passwords in minutes
  • School usage & results
    See usage stats and be confident your school is making the most of Typesy.
  • District administration
    Typesy supports powerful district administration features.

Test, grade, and assess. In just a few clicks.

There’s no need to waste hours testing and grading your students. Typesy’s leading test function makes it super simple to test and grade your keyboarding class. Simply create a test, select a few options, and you’re done. The test will be pushed out to your class, and you’ll see the results when they’re done.

  • Easily create a class test
    Simply select a few options and you’re done.
  • Automatic push out
    Typesy will automatically push the test to your class.
  • See results
    When your class has finished the test, simply review results and assign a grade.

A rich experience for better learning outcomes.

Typesy for Schools is built on the latest cloud app technologies. So there are no more slow-loading web pages, distracting ads, or confusing browser errors. Typesy’s unparalleled interactive learning platform works flawlessly on any computer or device.

  • Fast And Responsive
    No more slow loading web pages. Videos, lessons, activities, and apps all load instantly.
  • Always 100% Ad Free
    Say goodbye to distracting ads and pop-ups, and remove the risk that students will view offensive or explicit ads.
  • Import Lessons
    Typing results are stored and managed automatically in the cloud. No more worrying about finding additional data storage space; your system adapts to your class sizes.
  • Login Anywhere
    Students can log in anywhere, even from home, and their results and account are instantly synchronized.

Typesy works with your technology

As the cutting edge premium program, Typesy is designed to work with all the technology at your school. Quickly provision student accounts and organize them into classes by syncing with Google Classroom, Clever, Classlink, or Schoology. You can import from csv or enter students in a flash, and we can even take care of the whole process for you.

Any location. Any time.

Students can log in on any computer in any campus, and instantly access the same account, results, and course progress. You can even allow students to log in at home or on their laptops.

Unlimited phone support. Unlimited upgrades. Concierge service

Unlimited Phone Support

Your subscription comes with premium unlimited phone support for teachers and administrators. Whenever you need some help just give us a call.

Unlimited Upgrades

Typesy web, desktop, mobile and chrome apps update automatically to ensure your software is always running smoothly on the latest version.

Concierge Service

Your dedicated support rep will work with your IT people to set up Typesy. We do everything for you. Concierge service is free with your subscription.

Compare Typesy to non-premium offerings

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Almost instant web 3.0 technology
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Includes 4000 common core lessons
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Try Typesy for 60 days.
Unlimited students, full version, no obligations.

  • Full premium version - no restrictions.

  • Includes premium support.

  • Hurry, this offer is limited.

Compatible everywhere! Includes unlimited installs on iPad, Mac OSX, Windows (versions 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Linux, and Chrome OS

Praise for Typesy

"Ease of use and effectiveness define this excellent typing software and make Typesy ideal for learning how to touch type."
Top Ten Reviews
"Our students have found Typesy very easy to use and our teachers have seen big improvements in the student's typing skills in a short amount of time."
David Hurley
School Teacher
"Typesy’s cloud based design provides great flexibility for classroom organization...very simple to implement and has not burdened our network resources."
Mark Nowak
Technical Director
"Speeds up the students' overall educational progress as it helps them increase their typing speed...an easy-to-use interface that makes this program an outstanding tool."
Michael Karlin
Technology Teacher
"After I unwrapped Typesy, I instantly saw the superior quality. There is just no comparison to other programs I have used over the years."
Tina Robertson - Tina's Dynamic Homeschool
"Typesy gives students a more challenging typing experience than what we were previously using. There is lots of practice that helps to cement the key locations into the mind."
Jason Strack - Computer Teacher
"After using the trial, and consulting with the eReflect staff it was an easy decision that I do not regret. Pupils aged 12 – 16 are making fantastic and measurable progress."
Shaun Johnson - Technology Teacher
"I'm delighted to say that the program is excellent and the students enjoy using it. We are impressed with eReflect's response to our queries."
Rosanna Sofoulis - Business & IT Teacher