Information on Student Privacy and DPAs for Typesy

Typesy was designed from the ground up to be a privacy-focused program. We understand that many districts have strict privacy requirements, and we are here to help.

Why Choose Typesy for Data Privacy?

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Get an online overview before you start the approval process:

We can provide you with detailed information, demos, and an online overview to help facilitate your decision-making prior to district approval.

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Start with a teacher-only trial:

Many districts initiate teacher-only trials for an initial assessment of Typesy. We can help you do this in a way that won’t impact student privacy and will adhere to your district's privacy requirements. Because students are omitted, this can often be done before final approval (subject to your district’s policies).

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Fast Turnaround for DPAs:

Data Privacy Agreements (DPAs) are crucial for protecting student information. At Typesy, we welcome DPAs and ensure a quick turnaround - usually less than one week. Typesy was built with privacy in mind, and we meet the requirements of virtually all DPAs.

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Approved Vendor Status:

Typesy is an approved vendor in numerous educational settings. You can check our list, or search for "eReflect" (the parent company) and "Typesy" to confirm our credibility as a trusted partner in student privacy.

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