10 Ways Technology Is Improving Education

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Without controversy, technology has improved human lives today than ever. People in the 21st century are completely powerless without science and technology. Consider cooking, reading, playing, communications and any other important human endeavor, technological progress is literally our lifeline.

We can, however, decide to use these helpful devices for our good or watch it take over our lives from us. It’s all our choice.

According to research from Pew Research Centre, over 95% of Americans now have a cell phone. Almost 80% of them also use smartphones, and the number keeps flying on other similar devices. The world is already, willingly and graciously, hooked to technology.

The impact of technology on education system is growing rapidly and daily. It’s practically impossible to soar in your academics, whether as a teacher or a learner, without deploying the powers of tech for education. From reading, organizing your resources, presenting your works in a most fascinating and convincing form to reaching details that are practically impossible for humans within the limited timeline we are constantly hooked today, tech in education is redefining the template and the rules of research and learning.

The question, therefore, is: how do we deploy advanced technology to boost education and learning?

The Power of Technology in 21st Century Education

The focus of this work is to explain how technology improved education globally. And, of course, how we can we yet get the best from it.

Today, there are a countless number of gadgets and apps that are in use to enhance the quality of teaching and learning globally. From Laptops, smart phones, Ipad, notepads, educational apps and many other online resources, education can be as efficient as it is effective. If properly applied, these resources can give a user the power of a battalion.

As graphically illustrated above, you can seamlessly get through the stress of countless books through the power of IT. Leading schools all over the world are now deploying quality and brilliant technology-enhanced educational resources to make complicated and hectic learning processes seamless and simple.

Let’s consider some of the benefits of these resources to educations

Excellent Communications

The hallmark of education itself is communications and learning. How successful the concept to be thought or learned is communicated will mostly drive the success of the whole purpose of education. Fortunately, good resources and presentations will ensure excellent communication.

The figure above showed what happened to a well-communicated lesson that deploys the use of technological resources and tools.


Learning and education have never been more accessible than now. Thanks to progress. It takes only a couple of buttons to access resources from anywhere around the world, no matter your distance.

A number of resources online and the ease at which they can be accessed are simply mind-blogging. Today, many schools offered complete degree programs online. Interestingly, the learners will receive all the resources needed to have the complete expertise required for the awards of their honors.


The colourful nature of multimedia materials plus the clarity it brings to the subject cannot be ignored. Technology brings lessons and classes out so real that it will take learners extra efforts not to understand them.

There is no better way to bring a class alive than deploy the right IT tool.


One of the biggest advantages of technology on education is that it allows you own and use a large number of materials and resources without a thought for space and size. Millions of books and other multimedia resources can be kept on a gadget that is of the size a notebook.

Ease of use and portability has never been made so simpler.

Speed and Organization

There are many resources online that are designed to organize your work, give you leads and buy you quality time. With them, you save time, you learn better and have your works excellently organized.

Though some these come at a price, you will still find many free versions online.

Check up one of such resources at

Research and Collaboration

There are also IT tools that give you access to a large number of materials and resources. In return, your research works receive a huge boost in term of quality and size of materials used. At the same time, you are allowed to network and collaborate with other learners and teachers working on similar ideas and concepts.

Without mincing words, technology and education are perfect recipes for teaching and learning.

Improved Teacher-learner Experience

The use of technology also allows the lesson or classes taken to come out in clearer and more tangible forms. The colorful, multimedia displays; the exactness and details of the pictures used and the motion pictures used in a lesson that deploys the use of multimedia materials are bound to improve learning and teaching experiences.

Here are a group of children using multimedia tools for learning.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning hasn’t been more fun than it is now. The quality of IT-enhanced materials to the crystal details of the academic contents is excellent. Technology in schools has allowed learning sneaks seamlessly out of the classroom.

Technology has made learning beyond the walls of the classroom fun. It also makes discussion, submission of works and collaboration easy and smooth.

Technology Drives Learners’ Motivation

A teacher in the United States was quoted to have said: “Technology is the Ultimate Carrot!” There are exciting and practical impulses that drive learning and motivate both the learners and the teachers to get better.

An investigation conducted by PBS Learning Media says 74% of teachers agreed that using information technologies for teaching promotes learning among students.

Just as it has affected other aspects of lives, the place of IT in educations is unequivocally central and incontestable. More so, technology in schools will continue to affect and improve education in the coming years more than ever.

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