5 Jobs That Need Great Typing Skills

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While it’s true that nearly every job requires some typing these days – since nearly every job includes the use of a computer in some way – the amount of typing that you need to do varies from job to job. Being able to type quickly and accurately is a skill that will help you in any field, but some jobs absolutely require top typing skills. Here are five jobs that you’ll be able to apply for after using the Typesy system to improve your typing speed.

Captioning. The “closed caption” subtitles you seen on television, as well as subtitles for movies and other video presentations, are generally done by typists. Sometimes they’re done in real time mode, while other captioning jobs are project-based and done in advance.

Medical Transcription. You’ll need a good ear and a good command of medical terminology, but the advantage of this field is that it can often be done at home, whether that’s full time or part time. The health field is a good and stable area to work, and because detailed notes need to be kept in each patient’s chart (and because the doctors and nurses don’t have time to write these notes themselves), there are thousands of pieces of medical dictation that need to be transcribed every day.

Data Entry/Data Processing. Whether you’re entering catalog orders into forms or keeping a database updated, you’re providing the key link between customers and corporations when you’re doing data entry. Speed is important in this job, but what’s most important is accuracy. Mistakes cost money, and a good typist can save the company thousands of dollars every quarter.

Customer Service. A 1-800 number will get you to the customer service department, but a lot of businesses have realized that it’s usually quicker and faster to have online customer service available. Because you’re in real-time mode representing your employer, you need to make sure that you don’t make any typing errors. A professional and polished customer representative is a valuable employee, and accurate typing is definitely part of the required skill set.

Legal Secretary. Another field where accuracy is crucial is legal services. Your typing abilities will help you keep up with the huge amount of paperwork involved in any legal proceeding, and ensure that the lawyers and judges using those documents have the information they need to see that justice is served.

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