Why Typing Should Be Taught in School

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Typing is an essential life skill that creates well-rounded children who are ready for the world for which we are preparing them. After all, from sending emails to filling out job applications, the real world requires a great deal of typing proficiency for adult survival.

Aside from real-world applications, typing is also a skill that is essential for a child’s success in school. Not only will children who go to college use a computer for most of their assignments in college, they will also likely use a computer for state testing assignments which makes the school look more successful.

Typing is one of the standards required for teaching in schools that have adopted the Common Core State Standards. Even states who have not adopted the Common Core State Standards have a standard that involves typing proficiency. If this is the case in your state, then it is imperative that your students achieve proficiency in typing.

If we want our children to become well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the world ahead of them, then they need to have a firm grasp on typing skills. Typing will improve job skills and career opportunities for students.

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