A is For Accuracy: An Important Touch Typing Skill

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Nowadays when we communicate in writing, it seems we pay less attention to things like spelling and punctuation. But in many types of correspondence, especially professional correspondence, proper spelling and grammar matter. That’s why the ability to touch type accurately is so important. Of course, there are times when the environment is more casual, such as in e-mails or on-line chat rooms, but even then, it’s better to avoid typos, because that will help you avoid misunderstandings too. And if you’re chatting with people you’d like to have (or keep) as friends, your good typing skills will also help you give a good impression of your competence and intelligence.

You can easily use any material to practice your typing accuracy using a basic word processing program, but if you do, make sure to turn any “auto-correct” features off before you begin. It’s also helpful to try to avoid using the [Backspace] key when you’re testing yourself on accuracy. While it’s perfectly all right to delete mistakes in typing, you’ll get a better sense of your true overall typing accuracy without it.

Just remember that to increase touch typing accuracy, you may need to decrease speed. And that’s okay. Speed will improve with practice, and so will accuracy. The computer generated activities you’ll find in Typesy’s Accuracy Building Course will help you achieve your goal of making fewer touch typing mistakes. All you need to do is follow the instructions on screen as they are presented. You can repeat the accuracy building course as many time as you like. Each time you repeat it your accuracy will improve.

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