April 2019 Updates for Users

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Online Renewal and Subscription Screen

We now offer you the option to renew, extend, or upgrade your subscription or free trial on the same screen.

Key Recording and Replay

Key recording and replay merges preference and performance as admins are given the ability to access the course performance of their students in the Student Progress screen.

Vocabulary/Spelling Exercise Support

This feature allows users to practice their touch typing skill through varied word lists, a new mutation of our vocabulary training program Vocab 1.

Public Profile Page

With one click, you can add your age to your profile. The public profile page lets users exhibit and certify credentials to employers along with their typing speeds and rates.

Check out John Smith’s typing speed with his profile being made public: https://www.typesy.com/type/users/94/john-smith

NearPod Integration

NearPod, an interactive classroom, is our latest partner. This partnership allows NearPod to use any of our course steps without tracking.

Mouse Free Support

If your mouse suddenly stops working, we’ve got your back. With keyboard shortcuts, Typesy can still be accessed on your PC with no delay and no questions. The picture below will show you how to use this new feature:

GUI Update

We took action by compressing all buttons into a dropdown menu named “Class Actions.”

Default Grading Templates

We want to help you out as you offer feedback to your students, so we have made some default grading templates that will help you speed up your process.

Separate First and Last Name

Now you can match your birth certificate with your Typesy profile.

Print function for user screen reports

This new feature will help you save some clicks, as there is now a button that allows you to print your reports or save them as PDFs.

Error Count Column

We make no mistakes in letting you know your mistakes with the new “Error Count” column in your Test Results dialog.

Interactive curriculum as Default curriculum

Our Interactive curriculum is now the default curriculum for all users.

Design Update – Main typing activities

Our main typing activities will now be available using the design pictured below. The image beside the keyboard is only visible if the course step is in the transdisciplinary column.

Screen layout update

We have made minor adjustments to the “Recommended” and “Help” buttons, which are now on the top left side of the screen. The Game screen now occupies most of the screen, and the Auto switch is no longer available.

Class Hall of Fame 

Fame never tasted so good with the three new options for the Hall of Fame. The Global feature allows you to see which users are the best globally while Class lets you see the top users in your class. The off button disables both.


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