Are You Already a Touch Typist?

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Touch typing is a skill that anyone can use. Whether you’re looking for an edge over your competition – like when you’re applying for entry level positions or you’re ready to climb the career ladder – or simply wishing to be more efficient on the computer in general, the ability to touch type quickly and accurately can help you get the most out of your keyboard time.

But do you already have the ability to touch type? Assessing your touch typing skills really isn’t that difficult. In fact, the assessment basically comes down to whether you answer “yes” or “no” to one important question: Can you touch type already?

Keep in mind that in order to type, your fingertips must “touch” certain keys. But the simple act of “touching” specific keys is not what touch typing is all about. Touch typing is really about the way you touch those keys. That’s because touch typing relies on memory, and the ability to type the correct letters in the correct order using the correct symbols, numbers and/or punctuation – without the need to actually look at the keyboard in order to locate the desired keys.

When you know how to touch type, you don’t need to look. Your fingers will know where to go to find the correct letters, numbers and symbols because you’ve properly trained them to recall the correct keyboard location from memory. You’re a touch typist if your answer to this question is “yes”:

Can you type the correct letters in the correct order using the correct symbols, numbers and/or punctuation – without ever looking at the keyboard?

If you cannot touch type, start at the beginning with the simplest finger/key exercises. In fact, if you ever look at the keyboard, it’s a good idea to review the basics before trying to work on speed.

As your touch typing skills improve, you will be ready to progress to more advanced exercises. That’s one of the nice features of Typesy: it lets you work at your own pace. You can start and end each set of exercises whenever you want. Just keep in mind that the more you practice, the more your touch typing skills will improve.

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