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Magazine and Book Editor –  $48,000

Ever thought of becoming a magazine or book editor? You get to learn the top new developments in your chosen field or market first, and have the pleasure of working in a publishing house or media agency with the very best of the best.

A New York editor averages about $53,000 a year. Of course, the salary depends on the status and reach of a publishing house, as well as its geographic location, but by and large  the US average salary for an editor is $48,000.

Working your way up to positions like Editorial Director could as much as double your salary. According to Forbes.com, a New York based editorial director could make as much as $108,ooo per year.

Do you have what it takes to be a magazine editor?

As a magazine or book editor the most important job you have is to understand and uphold a publishing house’s culture and writing tradition.  Good typing skills, a passion for books, and expertise in language usage and fact checking skills are among the top skills you should master if you want to apply for these jobs.

Paralegal – $47,000

As a paralegal you get to have an inside glimpse into fascinating cases and make use of your professional typing skills to become an efficient organizer and researcher who assists lawyers in their cases. Once you become a senior paralegal, your salary will generally increase to an average of $75,000 — provided you work for a large law firm.

Do you have the skills to be a paralegal? Apart from great typing skills (~70-90wpm) you will need to have exceptional editing skills, basic legal knowledge, and a good grasp of legal research methodology.

What’s more, you will need to manage your time efficiently, as overtimes due to approaching case deadlines are the norm rather than the exception in this field.

Executive Assistant – $54,000

This is a multi-competency job that has you always working under pressure, and you’ll have to get used to wearing many hats. The average US salary for an executive assistant is $54,000 and it’s a job you can easily pull off if you have top-notch pro typing skills.

Skills like bookkeeping, calendar management, editing documents, and hosting guests and clients are some of the capacities an executive assistant must possess or quickly learn. The ability to type quickly and efficiently is another must-have skill as most of an executive assistant’s work is keyboard-based, whether it’s event planning or written communications or client relationship management.

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