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If you’re already a practiced touch typist, and want to focus on speed and/or accuracy, Typesy accommodates your learning needs as well. Its Advanced Typing Course is actually a collection of six mini-courses that focus on developing specific touch typing skills. These mini courses use more difficult words and focus on developing automatic proficiency when typing vowels combinations and diphthongs, uncommon consonants, short but difficult words, words with doubled letters, common phrases, and practice with prefixes and suffixes.

In each of these mini-courses, you’ll learn and practice many of the key combinations you’ll likely encounter while touch typing. For example, the exercises in the “vowels” course cover the vowel combinations A-I and O-U, plus several other common combinations. In the advanced typing course on consonants, you’ll practice typing words that begin with or include frequently-occurring consonant blends such as C-H, N-T, and others.

Believe it or not, although there are over 60 keys on the typical QWERTY keyboard, you’ll find you frequently use just a fraction of them when you type. Think about it. Very few words begin with or include the letters Z, Q, X or V. But there are lots of words that include the G-H-T consonant blend, like “night.” Plus, nearly every word you type will include at least one vowel.

Because you’ll touch type certain letter combinations more than others, it makes sense to get more practice typing words that include the more frequently used letter combinations. And that is exactly what the six Advanced Typing mini-courses are designed to help you do.

When you allocate sufficient time to practice the exercises included in these Advanced Typing Courses, both your touch typing speed and accuracy should increase quickly.

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