Homeschool Thought: Should We Use Common Core Standard?

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In this day and age, there’s no escaping the keyboard. It has infiltrated every home through every computer, laptop, and phone. Not being accustomed to using the keyboard means you are not able to enter the modern world. Keyboards are used not only for communication, but for coding, filing, record keeping, book writing, publishing, and most other professions you can think of!

Keyboarding is such an important skill that schools have added it to their educational programs and Common Core standards. They’ve implemented different skills technological literacy programs for pupils as early as third grade.

Now, the older generation might be thinking, “Technology may have some benefits, but games and other distractions abound. Can’t students just focus on writing by hand?”

Students can, and should, learn how to write well by hand. But technology is a huge part of modern life, and not learning young will be a problem for them later on. On top of that, keyboarding teaches children speed and accuracy.

“But isn’t third grade a tad young to be learning how to type?”

Third graders are also at an age where they are susceptible to information absorption and processing. They just need the proper tools – like keyboarding – to help expand this ability. Keyboarding is a helpful tool because it demands precision and speed, exposing children to new information and words while helping them learn how to communicate efficiently.

“Will it be too hard for them?”

Not at all! The common core standards build the pupil up; they don’t stress children out. Third graders basically just get comfortable with the keyboard, getting to know the basics. Fourth to sixth graders have three whole years to learn how to type at a speed of 33 WPM. Seventh to eighth graders get to taste internet communication and research while further improving typing speed. Keyboard literacy through the Common Core is one big, streamlined process that will prepare them for their future lives.

“Great! How can we, as parents, help them learn?”

Well, work from home! Websites that focus on typing are everywhere online. You can go straight to courses with Typesy and let your kids have fun while learning how to touch type.

Now that you know what the Common Core is for, and what your children need to do, call your kiddos, get them starting, and type, type, type!

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