How To Increase Your Typing Speed

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How To Increase Your Typing Speed

Have you ever tried to get a faster touch typing speed, only to lose accuracy and cover the page in typos? Have you ever watched a coworker’s fingers flying, and thought, “I wish I could type like that!” – but were too embarrassed to ask how they gained their skill?

Don’t worry. Learning to touch type and increase your typing speed is easier than you think. In fact, you can improve your touch typing in a matter of weeks while having fun at the same time. Just follow these simple tips.

Don’t overlook technique

Many people think that speed is more important than technique, but technique is 80% of the process, and focusing on speed is just 20%.

Any good typing course will first focus on improving your touch typing technique and accuracy, and only then move on to helping you improve your speed. Spend a few days learning the basic touch typing techniques before you start worrying about speed. Include ergonomics as well as hand and finger placement.

Perfect your touch typing accuracy

Typos are signals of what techniques you still can improve on, and you can use these to concentrate on those techniques.

See which keys give you a hard time and identify which of the two hands is weaker or sloppier than the other. Then focus on strategic practice targeting these issues to take your touch typing to the next level.

Make speed improvement practice fun

Touch typing is one of a handful of tech skills that can be surprisingly fun to master.

With a modern and well-designed typing tutor, you’ll find it hard to be bored while you’re practicing. There are also many fun and addictive touch typing games that can help you improve your typing speed. We love TypeRacer and Typing Club, but there are hundreds of other typing games and fun activities you can play that will improve your typing speed right now. (Of course you can download a software where tons of fun games and engaging activities are included)

Practice while learning

A fun way to improve your typing speed is to practice with text that is familiar and/or interesting to you. For instance, touch type your favorite poem, or excerpts from your favorite book.

By practicing your touch typing while engaging with an activity or subject matter you find enjoyable, it makes the process much more pleasant. You will improve your typing speed without even realizing the effort you’re putting into it!

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