Improving Your Job Prospects is as Easy as QWERTY

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Mastering the skill of touch typing can enhance your career prospects in ways you might not have thought. For starters, it is possible to make a good living by typing. There are a variety of jobs for which someone with a decent typing speed can qualify. Practically every type of business that operates within an office environment depends upon a typist who is able to produce professional-looking typed correspondence as often as necessary. There actually is no faster or easier way for a business to create a positive first impression than with its correspondence.

Although a typist is most often considered an entry-level position, the job offers a great way to get your foot in the door. It’s also the type of job that can open doors to other job opportunities. Furthermore, an exceptional typist need not remain in an entry level position forever. Many typists get promoted to positions of increasing responsibility, perhaps as an administrative assistant, or even all the way up to an executive assistant to the president.

However, secretarial and administrative jobs aren’t the only career paths for those who master touch typing. Any type of job that involves typing could be an option for those with an interest in that particular type of job. Some other career options individuals with strong typing skills might consider include:

Transcription work
Jobs that involve technical, sales and marketing-oriented writing
Blog writer
Typing service owner

Keep in mind though, that careers focused strictly on typing are not the only way touch typing can advance your career prospects. Fast, accurate touch typing can improve your ability to perform any type of job, whether the job is directly related to typing or not.

From corresponding with business partners across town or across the globe via email, to putting together agendas for on-site meetings, to typing sales proposals, marketing materials, shipping addresses, and product descriptions, those who can touch type have the potential to perform all of these duties and a whole lot more.

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