Internet Tricks You Might Want To Know and Try for Yourself

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1) Handy Browser – Use it as a Notepad!

Click the Link Below:

White Background Notepad


Click the Link Below:

Black Background Notepad


2) Nostalgic Search – Remembering Childhood Days


3) Notable Keyboard Shortcuts


4) Have Fun and Destroy This Website – COOL!

Visit daskeyboard.com. At the bottom part of the page, click the “Destroy This Site” and blow the page to pieces! Just like old video games.


5) Another Nostalgic Effect – Arcade in Google Search Page

Go to Google and search for “zerg rush”. Stop the “o” invasion and enjoy! A Zerg Rush is an overwhelming attack in a video game. (Available only in Chrome/ Firefox/Safari).


6) Kodami Code Effect in Wired.co.uk

Once you entered the website, type in the Kodami Code (using your keyboard): “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A”, and keep on tapping “A”. See Nyan Cats and Dinosaur invading the website!


7) It Also Has Its Effect in BuzzFeed!

Type Fast the Kodami Code when BuzzFeed.com loads!

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