Content Marketing Up’s Michael Chibuzor Has A Powerful Advice To All Entrepreneurs

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Michael Chibuzor

INTRODUCTION: The online business world continues to expand and change as new technology and new tools become available. For anyone hoping to make money using the internet, it’s important to keep up with the best strategies for earning an income through one or more websites. New tools, new terminology, new ways to catch a customer’s eye through words or images – experts like Michael Chibuzor can help keep you at the top of the online search rankings.

Typesy: What is the difference between content marketing and advertising?

Content marketing is also referred to as ‘pull marketing,’ and involves understanding your ideal customers, pinpointing the problems and challenges they’re facing, and creating useful content that pulls them, nurtures them, and gives them a reason to buy a product.

On the other hand, though advertising is also aimed at selling a product, but it doesn’t pull people in, because the content isn’t created to build a relationship – but to sell. Traditional advertising is equally referred to as ‘push marketing’.

Typesy: How responsive does an entrepreneur need to be to client feedback in real time? In other words, do you need to answer emails and tweets right away?

I think it’s relative. Because different situations, and clients requires a different approach to customer service. Generally, responding to emails and tweets show a deep connection with your clients. But if your clients regard you as an authority or an on-demand service provider, by the time you respond to their email immediately, it might give clients a new perception about you.

In a nutshell, you really are not busy and engaged as they once thought. So my advice is this: respond to emails at least within the first 3 hours. I think that’s a seamless balance between your time and what people expect, before they get pissed off.

Typesy: Communicating with clients and potential customers on the internet obviously requires the use of a keyboard. Do you recommend that aspiring online entrepreneurs focus on getting their keyboarding skills up to a high level by using software like Typesy or is this something they can just pick up along the way?

Of course, online entrepreneurs should up their keyboarding and typing skills to a high level using Typesy. It’s worth it.

Typesy: How much time do you spend writing for other people, and how much time helping other people learn how to write good content?

I spent 2 – 4 hours every day writing for my clients. When it comes to helping other people learn how to write good content, I invest 3 hours weekly.

Typesy: What current projects are you excited about?

I’m excited about my audience, the content I create which gets shared and help B2B businesses grow their leads and sales. My new book is on its way. I’m excited about it: it’s going to impact writer’s life in a dramatic way.

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