Introducing the Typesy Video Contest: Share Your Love for Typing!

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Are you ready to showcase your passion for typing? We’re excited to announce the Typesy Video Contest, running from February 14th to February 29th, 2024!

How to Participate:

Create a video no longer than 30 seconds answering the prompt: What do you LOVE about Typesy? Whether you’re a student, teacher, or administrator, we want to hear what makes Typesy special to you.

Submission Details:

Send your video as a file or web link to [email protected]. Remember, all submissions will become property of Typesy and eReflect, Inc., for potential marketing purposes until the end of 2024.

Privacy and Eligibility:

Protecting your privacy is paramount. Ensure any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) adheres to relevant laws, especially for individuals under 13 years old. This contest is open exclusively to U.S. Typesy Subscribing Schools.

The Prize:

The winning video will receive Free 6 months Typesy access for your current school subscription. It’s an opportunity to not only express your love for Typesy but also benefit your entire school community.

Let Your Creativity Shine:

Unleash your creativity and share your enthusiasm for Typesy! Whether it’s the engaging lessons, progress tracking, or interactive features, we want to see what makes Typesy a standout tool for you.

Join us in spreading the love for Typesy and celebrating the joy of typing. Get those cameras rolling, and let’s make this contest a memorable one!

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