Percentage of Jobs Requiring Typing Skills Growing Rapidly, Say Experts

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 7 million new jobs requiring typing skills were estimated to be created in the workforce by 2014, and many of these jobs were in higher-paying positions like executive assistant or legal secretary. While it’s true that even entry-level food-service jobs also often require computer and typing skills, having a higher-than-average word per minute (wpm) speed generally means that you automatically step to the front of the line when you’re applying for work. As the US Department of Labor notes, in the 21st century “the use of computers and the Internet in workplaces will become more pervasive and the functions performed using computers will dramatically increase.” This means that if you don’t have good keyboard skills, you’ll be left behind in the job hunt.

It’s easy to get an idea of how just how good typing skills will help you succeed in your job search. In fact, your computer abilities will actually help you look for work in the first place! Go to an online job search or recruiting site in your location (or a different area, if you’d like to move) and put “typing” in the keyword field. Here’s what we found in a recent job search on several sites:

Monster.com – over 1,000 full-time jobs requiring typing skills, salaries up to $65,000 per year

Indeed.com – over 30,000 jobs for typists, salaries between $20,000 and $60,000 per year

Careerbuilder.com – over 40,000 jobs across the United States

Jobsearch.gov.au – more than 700 positions open through the Australian government’s website

Jobsearch.co.uk – 500+ jobs in Britain and elsewhere

Of course, you’ll have to put other filters on your job search to make sure that the jobs you’re looking at match what you want. For example, the word “typing” might also get you nursing or phlebotomist jobs that involve “blood typing.” Job search sites are a good place to start to find out what jobs are available – and what skills you’ll need to get the job you’re dreaming of. If your typing is fast and accurate, you’ll be sure to get a good job in no time at all.

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