Start Typing Your Texts Faster Now (Guest Post)

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Emily Johnson

Do you want to type faster without sacrificing the quality?

Look: Most writers want to know how to not only write high-quality texts but do it faster.

Thus, people crave actionable examples such as how to increase typing speed or tips on how to create a great blog post. As we know the importance of typing speed for your career, we’ve decided to collect several tips for you to start touch typing.

Hint: check your typing speed and accuracy now and don’t forget to pass the test once again after some practicing. Measure your progress!

Organize a perfect workplace

Although you might believe that a modern and up-to-date computer is a key to fast typing, it is important to pay attention to your workplace organization as well. People claim that a well-organized working place helps save time and increase productivity. The fewer distractions you have, the more productive you are. Learn the art of a perfect workplace organization with this infographic by OmniPapers.

Efficient software

If you want to start typing text faster, you’d better practice a lot. One of the best ways to increase your typing speed is to start using improvement software. Typesy Software can help you increase your typing speed in just 10 minutes per day and become 63% more productive in your work.

Form a habit

To start typing faster, you need to learn typing techniques. First of all, you need to know the keyboard scheme and the starting position of the fingers (left hand: “ASDF”; right hand: “JKL;”).

If this position seems inconvenient for you, it’s better to get used to it. Once you’re done, it’s time to pay attention to finger motion. If you can type without looking at the keys, that’s great! Form a habit of placing fingers correctly and boost your typing speed.

Enhance accuracy

If you type fast, that’s great. However, accuracy matters, too. Obviously,  making corrections needs not only time, but attentiveness as well. Thus, you need to enhance your typing accuracy. Try not to look at the keyboard, but watch what you’re typing. The more attentive you are, the higher your accuracy is.

Practice daily

As far as you understand, daily practicing is a must if you want to become a typing pro. In fact, you can practice the art of typing while doing common things: emailing or chatting with your friends on Facebook. The secret is not to use tablets or phones. There is no need to explain that typing on a sensor screen is not the same as keyboard typing, so you need to do your best and start writing more on your computer.

Take a pause

While it’s nearly impossible to type text on a high level all the time, it’s important to know when to take a pause. If you feel tired, it’s better to take a cup of green tea and boost your brain functions than continue on typing texts as you might make mistakes because of the lack of attentiveness.

Are you interested in typing text faster? If so, don’t hesitate to improve your typing speed and start writing papers faster.

Share your trick and tips, leaving a comment below.

Author’s bio: Emily Johnson is a content strategist of OmniPapers, a website about writing reviews for students. She is also a contributor to many websites about writing and blogging. You can always find more works of hers on G+ orTwitter.

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