The Best Free Typing Games

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As the developers at Typesy know, one of the best ways to get people to work hard at something is to make them think that they’re not working at all! In other words, when you make something into a game, people are going to want to spend time on it. If you’ve ever heard the expression “time flies when you’re having fun” you’ll know what we mean. That’s why Typesy incorporates games into their software, giving users the chance to relax and have fun while still focusing on improving touch typing skills. If you’re looking for other typing games, whether for kids or adults, there are more options on the internet as well. These free typing games will help train your fingers to be quick on the keys, and you’ll think you’re hardly working even though you’re working hard.

Try Typer Shark to get a challenge with fast-paced word and individual letter typing. You’re a deep sea diver looking for treasure, but watch out for the sharks! You’ll have to type the words on the sharks to make them disappear, and the deeper you dive, the faster the sharks get. Collect points and treasure, and improve your typing skills at the same time.

Come out of the water and into the henhouse to play Chicktionary for a real time-based challenge. In this game, you need to spell as many words as you can using the letters provided in each round. The faster you type, the more words you’ll be able to enter before the time runs out. This game is great for touch typing practice as well as vocabulary improvement and spelling skills.

The BBC’s Dance Mat Typing series also features chickens, but this game is designed for the very youngest children. This set of videos takes kids through typing basics, using illustrated cartoons and games and exercises. It’s a good way to introduce children to the concept of touch typing, and helps them avoid getting into the “hunt and peck” habit as they start using the computer more.

Another great typing resource for children is the set of arcade games on the SpongeBob SquarePants theme. Although only the trial version of this set is free, kids will love typing fast to keep their car speeding along the racetrack, and the SpongeBob connection will attract their interest and attention. The familiar arcade game format will also appeal to them, and encourage them to spend time on their typing practice – though they might not realize that’s what they’re doing!

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