This Typing Tutor Is Out Of This World!

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230 miles (370 kilometers) overhead, astronauts on the International Space Station are keeping fit and training their muscles with a device called the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED). It’s designed to work specific areas of the body to maintain muscle strength, bone density, and endurance. The ARED tracks each astronaut separately, and provides guided fitness exercises for them to do, as well as personal fitness plans. This 21st-century technology helps astronauts stay healthy in space while their medical crew monitors them from the ground. It’s the same sort of cutting-edge technology that allows the Typesy system to work with each user to make sure that they’re getting the right exercises to move them forward in their personalized typing improvement plan.

Having your own personal trainer at the gym means that you’ll be guided and supported in your exercise routines. The trainer will start you with basic exercises and gradually work you up to harder ones. If you’re lifting weights, the trainer will start you with the lighter weights and make sure that your body is in the right position on the machine so that you get all the benefits without running the risk of injury. That’s what the ARED system does for the astronauts, as it targets different muscle groups in sequence while tracking their progress, increasing the resistance as needed. When you’re logged in to the Typesy system, your personal typing tutor tracks your progress through the exercises, and will recommend more work on problem areas so that your typing skills are always in top shape.

If you work out at a gym so that you can participate in sports events, you’ll already know the fun of competition. Typesy gives you the opportunity to experience the “thrill of victory” in typing games – what’s more, since multiple users can access the software, you can compete against friends and family members for high scores, or compare your typing accuracy and speed. And because you can set your own typing goals, there’s no end to improvement. As inspirational author William Clement Stone is quoted as saying, “Aim for the moon … if you miss, at least you’ll end up among the stars.”

You can learn more about the ARED system at the NASA website.

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