Typing beyond the Keyboard

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Modern classrooms have gone from being full of textbooks and paper to having tablets and laptops. This new learning environment is getting students ready for the modern world in many ways. BY teaching students how to interact with technology and learn how to type with software, teachers can have a direct impact on the future of their students.

However, the typing experience is not just about fingers on a keyboard. With the Typesy software, students are exposed to informative and engaging lessons that get them familiar with a keyboard across all their school subjects. While teaching them to type is great, it is also important to teach typing wellness. A great way to get students ready for typing is with finger exercises. Students can try stretching their fingers, loosen up their hands, and even pretend to play the piano to get ready for typing lessons.

By teaching students the best ways to prepare for typing, you can help them learn healthy habits now that they will keep forever. While you’re at it, show them the proper way to sit when typing so they can have better posture in the future. Software like Typesy and good typing exercises get kids ready to learn and excited to type.

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