Ultimate Typing Game Available On Typesy

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Game on! 

Typing courses are not the only ways to learn how to type. Sometimes, you just need a time off from all the tests and the learning. You need something more disguised, more intriguing, more…playful.

Typesy offers a huge array of games. They update constantly, to everyone’s liking, to provide fresher material.

Cue the glorious music. Introducing Typesy’s new and improved games:

This spring, are you looking for something cool? Something hot? Something spectacular, never-been-done-before, challenging, and helpful in learning? Something overall AMAZING?

Then Ztype Typing Game is your type.

Ztype Typing Game is Typesy’s brand new gaming addition. It’s an air shooter game equipped with fun and learning. Let me lay it out for you. You are lost in space and your spacecraft is being attacked by word-heavy asteroids. The only way to survive is to destroy them through shooting your laser beams. The only way to access these laser beams, however, is through typing the words attached to the asteroid. It’s a challenging game, full of twists and surprises as you move on with each wave. It’s a game that will exercise your speed, accuracy, and keyboard proficiency. Nevertheless, it is a fun, exciting game for anyone who knows how to get crazy in space.

Typesy also has other games fit for any type of mood you have. They distribute the games based on the skills you are aiming for.

Among their accuracy building games, a user-favorite is definitely Sinking Words. With its ocean setting, Sinking Words is a riveting experience, forcing the player to master their typing precision to not let the words hit rock bottom.

In their speed boosting games, Letter Train stands out. It may seem like a course, but this time you are given a time and life limit. It’s an exhilarating way to test out how fast you are in typing. Either you beat the clock or the clock will beat you. Letter Train is enjoyed so widely that it even got a sequel!

Typesy offers a lot for games that focus solely on the “fun”. Most of them are reboots of old games, just with a Typesy twist on it. My personal favorite is Clumsy Bird Typing. Just like the world-famous Flappy Bird game, Clumsy Bird Typing is a stand out among the rest. It is just as challenging as the original game. Every typed word causes the bird to go higher regardless of where it should go. It really pumps you up as the game progresses, especially when a low pipe is followed by a high one.

Typesy is definitely serving with these games. But the question is: are you game?

Find a link to the brand new game here.

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