Why Classroom Teaching Is Still Popular?

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You’ve probably been hearing reports of a number of parents opting to home school their children. While there may be some benefits to all of that, there are some negatives that come with it (in particular the social aspect of the child). Traditional education has proven itself to be effective time and time again. And it is showing no signs of slowing down or even dying anytime soon. In fact, classroom teaching is a tried and true tradition that has been around for centuries. And it still remains popular to this day in both public and private educational settings. But there are few more reasons why public education still reigns supreme today. Here’s what they are:

Classrooms = Community

Being part of a community is important for not just the students, but also teachers as well. They get to know each other and will build long-lasting and trusting relationships. Not to mention, the chemistry between the teacher and the students will affect overall morale. If the students are happy, so is the teacher and vice versa. And they can hold each other accountable for what the student is learning and what the teacher is teaching. 

The Best Teachers Prioritize Public Schools

Teachers are more likely to put their skills to good use in a public school setting as opposed to a private school. Not to mention, public schools are often staffed with some of the best teachers in terms of their discipline. And they can achieve so much at their level and beyond. Compared to private schools where they would be required to take on more rigorous coursework and study. Plus, turnover rates at public schools are lower on average. This means teachers who are considered the best will stay longer. 

Public Education Equals Diversity

Public school students will learn a great deal about diversity. This means they will familiarize themselves with different races, cultures, backgrounds, and even disadvantages that some students may have. It will open the door for children to understand that not everyone is the same as normal due to a physical or intellectual limitation. At the same time, it will also teach children how to be accepting and maintaining a culture of respect for one another. This, in turn, will be effective in making sure the overall student moral is better than ever. 

Classrooms Exercise Technological Advantages

These days, modern technology has allowed teachers to use it to their advantage. Today, teachers can show YouTube videos that will coincide with their lessons (depending on the subject). They also provide the opportunity to get in touch with people like their members of Government. They can talk to a member of Congress without the class or the person in question traveling from Washington, D.C. to meet with them personally. Let’s not forget one of the more traditional touch points, learning from the outdoors. Field trips still remain a great way to learn about certain subjects (like visiting a local aquarium to learn about sea life). 


Traditional education in public schools is still a popular choice for parents and their children even to this day. While it’s entirely up to the parent to decide how their child will be educated, the public education system continues to provide a strong case as to why they are the best when it comes to educating children and better preparing them for the future.

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