Why Keyboarding Is Important When Looking For Job Opportunities

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Bachelor’s in Business Administration? Check. Transferable skills? Check. Touch typing efficiency? Uh-oh.

You might be unwittingly sabotaging your job prospects if you lack basic typing skills. In today’s highly competitive labor market you must ensure you have all essential skills to stand out from the crowd of fellow job hunters, and good touch typing skills is one way to do it!

But why is keyboarding so important?

Gain an essential 21st-century skill

Just consider how much technology has advanced in the last 15 years. Today, even the smallest businesses have computers, laptops, and tablets to run their business.

More and more new companies and startups are first launched online. The digital marketplace is becoming more ubiquitous with every passing second, so learning how to touch type will help you be more appealing to potential employers.

A substantial percentage of today’s jobs and professions are tied to a desk and a keyboard. Web developers and programmers, editors, administrative assistants and executives,marketers and salespeople all need above average typing skills to be considered efficient and productive at what they do.

Expand your career path opportunities

The more skills you have, the better your chances of success in a variety of fields.

Several skills like teamwork, leadership, management skills, communication, and good listening can be transferred from one job to another with ease. They’re desirable skills most employers look for in job candidates.

Thankfully, one other easily mastered and transferable skill is touch typing. You can use this in virtually any job that requires you to use a keyboard. Most importantly, it will help you be more professional and responsible as it jump-starts your productivity.

Boost your professionalism

A person who’s an efficient touch typist makes a good impression. Technology is a concept that’s advancing fast and people often fear it, especially older people. That’s why seeing that you easily master technology – in this case in the form of touch typing – makes employers feel reassured of your competency and job suitability.

It’s easy and quick to improve your touch typing record. Take an online typing test to determine your current words per minute rate, and then use typing games and activities to start improving your keyboarding skills. Remember, those skills will enhance your job prospects!

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