Techipedia’s Front Woman, Tamar Weinberg, Shares Her Knowledge to Typesy Readers

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Tamar Weinberg

INTRODUCTION: Many people think that right-brain creative types generally don’t get along with left-brain analytical types, but more and more these days that’s just not the case. The current generation is growing up in an environment where almost everyone has an online profile as well as a “real world” presence, and the barrier between technology and personality continues to blur. One well-known blogger proves that when you combine creativity and computers, interesting things happen. Meet Tamar Weinberg, tech geek and owner of the popular social media and marketing website Techipedia.

Typesy: You’ve been involved with device-based communication and learning since you learned to read and write. When did you first learn to use a keyboard to touch type?

Well, I never actually learned how to “touch type” in the true sense of the word. We had typing classes when I was a kid, but I did my own thing and never followed the conventions. I got my first computer when I was 7 or 8, and it was more mouse based. I feel that I learned how to type a few years later, just by doing.

Typesy: As a writer, how much time do you spend typing each day on average? And what does that come to in terms of total words per day?

I’m not much of a writer, really! I like to write, but I’ve learned that it’s pretty difficult to do writing all the time. I also find that I have a shortcoming when it comes to writing: I write really well with an assignment, but I don’t like to ideate. Coming up with ideas stops me in my tracks. Therefore, while I do write a lot (not always in articles), I wouldn’t say I’m writing more than 5000 words per day, and that’s across all mediums. And I’ve made up that number – I honestly don’t know!

Typesy: Even when it comes to selling physical goods like skis or greeting cards, 21st-century entrepreneurs usually start with an online shop these days. How important is it to develop good writing, web management, and keyboarding skills before launching an internet business?

The interesting thing is that I don’t really know if it’s important for YOU, the business owner, to have those skills. It’s important, however, to surround yourself with people who do have those skills. You will need to know how to manage your store. You will need to know how to have good web copy. If you don’t, your business may not last.

Typesy: What’s the one thing that has surprised you the most about the changes in the business world over the last 20 years?

Ha, that’s a funny question. I have three kids and my kids look at things in such a different way. My 3 year old puts DVDs in the DVD player with ease – she knows how to swap and start movies. My 12 month old knows how to turn on a tablet. My 6 year old looks at old cell phones from 20 years ago and wonders why we had these massive phones. I can’t say one thing has surprised me. I realize we live in an era of innovation, and I love it.

Typesy: Your book, “The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web,” first came out in 2009. Have all of the developments in technology since then led you to consider updating the text, or writing a new book?

My book was on the rise of social media marketing and how to build rapport on various social networks for maximum gain. I do admit, it’s seriously out of date. There are networks mentioned there that do not exist anymore. But I don’t know if I could write a marketing book again. If anything, I’d probably work on a memoir, since I do like to write, but education in this fast-moving world means the book is out of date even before it’s printed. I already started it!

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