How to Hack Your Brain Into Productivity Mode

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Productivity isn’t rocket science, really. In fact, it’s easy to hack your brain into working smartly and more productively. Here’s how to get started.

Eliminate all distractions

It’s a simple rule: just focus on a single task. Resist the urge to take that phone call or check that Facebook message. Multitasking costs you time and money, and it prevents you from fully being in the moment.

In fact, multitasking can take up to 40 percent more time than if you were doing each task in isolation. So there’s that to consider.

Prioritize your tasks and offer them your undivided attention, one by one. You will see yourself smoothly finishing task after task because there’s uninterrupted flow!
Keep a to-do list

There’s no right or wrong kind of to-do list. Some prefer old-school pen and paper, while others keep their tasks in their inbox or use the latest task or to-do app. Keep that list close to you at all times and make sure your tasks are prioritized and properly sliced up into manageable steps.

Create smaller tasks related to each of your projects to have a better overview of what you need to do. It’s much easier to complete a single task like “find 5 stock images for Facebook posts” rather than “create and schedule 5 Facebook posts, including images and links.”

Keep your list clear, feasible, and actionable to drive your productivity up!.

Move around

Sitting all day in front of your computer will naturally decrease both your energy and alertness – plus it has been proven that it’s bad for your health.

Instead, for every hour you’re sitting at your desk, take a five minute break. But be careful! Standing by the coffee maker in the employee lounge while eating donuts doesn’t exactly count as a healthy break. Taking a walk around the office does.

Create the optimal work environment

Too chilly and your fingers freeze atop your keyboard, too dark and headaches come buzzing in. According to a Cornell study, when a person is working in a room that is at a comfortable temperature, they make 44 percent fewer mistakes than when working in an environment that’s too cold. So go check that thermostat.

And while you’re at, remember that music has been found to increase productivity by way of a dopamine surge in your body. Video game music has been linked to better employee achievement and productivity, too.

There’s also an argument that listening to unfamiliar music, music you don’t usually listen to for fun or entertainment, helps you be more focused and alert. You see, familiar music and songs bring to mind pleasant memories and events that distract us from the job at hand!

Experiment with different types of music and see if you can work more productively than you did before.

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