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Zac Johnson

The internet is so much a part of daily life now that it’s hard to remember the early days when people were just beginning to realize its business and marketing potential. One person who watched online sales start – and who helped grow the internet economy – is Zac Johnson, marketing and affiliate specialist. We asked him to share some of the secrets to his success.

Typesy: So many people around the world turn to the internet when they’re starting a business these days. With millions of online entrepreneurs out there, what’s one key way to stand out from the crowd?

You definitely need to have your own expertise and niche to stand out. If you wanted to be an “entertainment” or “business” blogger, you need to go every niche,¬†find what you are best at and come up with a creative way to get your message out there.

For example, if you wanted to focus on business, that’s way too generic. Instead, focus on “social media tools for businesses”. Not only is that very targeted, it’s also very specific to business audiences who are looking to grow their social media branding and outreach. It’s also a great industry to be in since advertisers and businesses are looking to spend a lot of money in this space.

Follow my blogging guide for a complete walkthrough of everything you should consider and do when starting a new site or brand online.

Typesy: How much of a web presence do people need to have in order to get noticed? What’s more important: a website’s design, or its content?

Every website, blogger and brand started from nothing. You don’t need to have anything in place to get started. Put in the time and effort to build out your own content, then promote the heck out of it! Way too many people think they can just start writing and put content out there — which is completely wrong.

With over a billion active sites on the internet, it all comes down to QUALITY and PROMOTION.

Typesy: You update your blog with articles and news feeds regularly, so you must be a good writer. How long does it take you to write your posts? How long does it take to type them in and publish them?

I have three main sites and I don’t blog on a set schedule. I put content out there as I feel it’s necessary.

Just as I mentioned before, with over a billion sites online, it’s now more of a content overload issue than anything else. Create great content, then focus your efforts on promoting it.

I see a lot of successful sites and brands that only publish content once a month, and get a ton more traffic than other sites that publish daily.

As for the amount of time it takes to create content… it all depends on topic, word count and the message you are trying to deliver.

Typesy: How far do you think internet-based businesses can grow? Will we see a saturated marketplace any time soon?

I would say it’s limitless. Just look at video — over 100 million hours of video is being watched daily on Facebook!

Create something amazing, get it out there and build a brand around it.

Typesy: You’ve started doing podcasts as well as online publishing of your posts. Do you find that people prefer to listen to information, read about it, or both?

Podcasting is a great way to build a better relationship and provide added value to your audience.

When I created Rise of the Entrepreneur, I wanted to grow on that relationship with my audience and go beyond just the reading of text.

In terms of text content versus audio, I think there is plenty of room in both areas. Some people lke text, while others like to listen to podcasts or audio books. For the most part, podcasting is fairly new and has barely scratched the surface.

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