Smartphones: How They Affect Your Life

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It’s the first thing you look at in the morning and probably the last thing you see before going to bed at night. Smartphones have become part and parcel of daily life. Whether for communicating with friends and clients around the world, paying your bills, shopping, or being more productive and more fit, your smartphone is the all-in-one device that makes your life easier.

Psychological Wellbeing

Social media is a great place to hang out. You network on LinkedIn and learn the news on Twitter, check out what friends are doing on Facebook, and Snapchat with your closest buddies just for the fun of it.

But often our obsession with always being online, always sharing and liking, always producing something more of ourselves and putting it out there for the world to judge and love, puts an emotional drain on our self-confidence.

We become dependent on others’ approval of our choices and we feel bad when they don’t readily share this excitement and love with us.

Taking a break from social networks can help you realize that life goes on without them. You can do something and not feel the need to post it for the world to see it. Events can still happen, and you can feel equally amazing, even when just keeping it to yourself.

But it’s not just what you share, it’s you sharing in what others do. Following models, athletes, celebrities and other famous people can make you feel bad about yourself, your accomplishements.

Comparing ourselves to others is an inescapable side effect of social media networking, so it’s no surprise that the occassional smartphone detox can help you realize that your choices need not always be compared with those of others. Everyone’s different, everyone has their own unique path.


From Slack to Dropbox and Evernote, productivity apps help us keep on top of our daily tasks and responsibilities. But the constant launch of new apps is testimony to how smartphones have made life a bit more complex too. We spend a lot of time playing games or socializing through chat apps and messengers. We invest a lot of our time checking email, adding events and webinars to our calendars, and watching cat videos online. And we lose track of all the time we spend every day on smarphone-based activities.

Ask yourself this: are you really busy? or are you mismanaging your time by not realizing just how much of it you’re using being on your smartphone?

Physical Hazard & Health

With our faces bent low over 5-inch smartphone screens, shoulders hunched, it’s no surprise that we look like we’re turning into tech zombies. We don’t look ahead, we look down. We are glued to our screens, scrolling, tapping, and scrolling some more.

Take a break from your smartphone. Walk to a friend’s house rather than talking to them on Facebook. Go for a run rather than just looking at inspiring photos of people who work out on Instagram.

Life is made up of micro-moments that make a large impact on our health and well-being. As you read this article, think about what you could do for yourself next? Do you want to take a walk, socialize in person, or create something? Choose your next moment and make it count!

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