Tips to Be More Productive In Your Workplace

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When faced with the sprawling hours between nine and five, it’s easy to think that we have limitless time to get things done — only to be faced with a daunting to-do list at three in the afternoon. Don’t find yourself in this situation! Prioritizing efficiency early on will make your workdays flow much better. 

Here are seven tips to help aid you in finding your flow: 

#1 Keep Your Goals Small

Working through your to do list is a positive feedback cycle — meaning that the more you get done, the more you’ll want to get done. It’ll be helpful, then, to keep at least the first couple of items small, so the activation energy required to begin is relatively low.

#2 Take Breaks

Your brain needs them to function — and if you don’t set aside time for rest, your brain will take it anyway, reducing your productivity over the long-term. Get up and go for a walk — you might have a great idea en route anyway!

#3 Constantly Review Your Routine

Don’t take for granted that the way you’re doing things is always the best way to do things. Thinking creatively about ways to optimize your actions is what separates the successful from those who could really be doing better.

#4 Post Your Vision 

Keep reminders of your long-term goals in plain view. That way others can keep you accountable, and you’ll constantly have reminders of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

#5 Add “When” to your To Do List

To do lists are very valuable tools for getting things done, but it’s easy to check off the simple things and ignore the bigger-ticket items on our lists. Therefore, don’t shy away from adding specific times that things need to get done to your to do list.

#6 Celebrate Effort, Not Achievement

Getting things done warrants celebration, of course — but sometimes, life doesn’t go quite that way. If you’ve worked hard, give yourself a pat on the back. Yes, it’s crucial that our efforts are meaningful and productive, but don’t punish yourself if you only made it halfway to a goal. Reframe that sentiment: You made it halfway to a goal!

#7 Make Sure You Have the Right Tools and Equipment

If getting things done is unnecessarily difficult, you’re making your life harder than it has to be. When you’re putting things on your to do list, look over your goals with a critical eye and make sure that everything listed is actually within the realm of possibility. If it isn’t, then you’re going to have to change that, whether by investing in updated equipment or training.

Getting things done is the bedrock of efficiency. However, sometimes it’s hard to work up the enthusiasm or energy to be productive! Incorporating one or more of the tips listed above should help you in reaching your goals. Add a few of them into your everyday routines, and after that you can watch your productivity soar to heights unknown. 

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