Typesy In-Focus: Text Selection and Creation

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Having the ability to customize the text and vocabulary words used in the student’s and class’s curriculum opens up a whole new world of teaching possibilities. You can change the vocabulary and create text within the Typesy app. Gone are the days of slipping through a spelling class followed by typing random letters for practice. 

Now both can be merged into one class that not only provides the students with a chance to practice their spelling and keyboarding but also allows the kids to have fun while they are learning these valuable skills! Having fun while learning improves retention rates, which results in better spelling test results and faster, accurate touch-typing skills.

Text selection and creation can only be done in the play section of the curriculum page, not in the course section. This is important to remember as you are walked through exactly how to customize the text and vocabulary in your student’s word list.

The first thing you will need to do is go to the curriculum page. Next, you will need to select “Play” and click the name of the current exercise. Once you are within the current exercise you can select the “+” in the upper right-hand corner underneath the profile icon. Now you can add and remove vocabulary words into the word lists provided.

Typesy comes with a huge array of appropriate words built-in to their word lists, but the ability to personalize each class or student’s list sets Typesy above the rest. It can be hard to fit different lessons and classes into a school day. It can be even harder to get students motivated enough to have to switch between too many classes. Allowing keyboarding and vocabulary to be merged into one class opens up your schedule and allows the kids to have one less transition.

Transitions and packed schedules are hard for students and their educators. Let Typesy ease some of that burden by using text selection and word list creation within their touch-typing curriculum. They have consulted with professionals and educators from all over to bring you a way to allow the kids to learn while they learn to type.

Let your kids enjoy learning how to properly touch type with Typesy Now!

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