Typesy Accessibility: Mouse-Free Support and Voiceover

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At Typesy, we are always looking for ways to make your life and learning easier. With our new updates, your typing is less than a click away.

Yes, you read that right, updates. With an s. Because we didn’t add just one, we added two new amazing features to this app.

Introducing (cue drum rolls, please) the new Mouse-Free Support and Voiceover features!

Voiceover Feature

This new feature, when activated, will read out to you every word and character in games and activities in the software. Siri, who? Alexa, what? This feature will make it easier for any and all kinds of users – that includes you – to learn how to type. It’s especially perfect for students who learn through audio guides, giving them a better avenue for them to learn, plus it makes games more fun and exciting! Imagine playing Ztype (our app’s latest game) with this feature – the pressure is on!

Mouse-Free Support

With our new Mouse-Free Support, you can access Typesy using only your keyboard. How crazy is that? This is the typing app that uses your keyboard in more ways than just typing. Want to play a video? Spacebar! Want to hide your keyboard? Down arrow! Want to play a game? Ctrl + P! It’s that simple and that effective. 

So what are you waiting for? With these cool new features there’s no time to waste! So grab that keyboard (no need for the mouse) and TYPE AWAY!

Did you find the new features interesting and exciting? Let us know what you think!

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