Typesy EDU: Lesson Plans for Interactive Curriculum

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Having an interactive curriculum helps many students learn better and faster. When students have interactive curriculums they will listen better and be happier to learn compared to traditional learning. As an admin, you will have access to using the interactive curriculum for your students. This may not be the right step for all students, however, it is another method that will make it much easier for some to learn. Other students may prefer traditional methods. With that being said, let’s take a look at how you find your lesson plans. 

How to Find Your Lesson Plan 

The first thing you need to do is go to your course information screen. You can get to this by clicking Admin and then go under the classes tab. Under the classes tab, you will click clas sand then curriculum. You will now go under the interactive tab. 

There is now a new section for your lesson plans that include interactive curriculums. This will only have interactive curriculums for now. There will be another addition soon that will add lesson plans for each curriculum that is available. This will make it much easier to navigate and use the program as an admin. 

What is an Interactive Curriculum? 

Interactive curriculums are provided so that you can get an interactive learning experience. This makes learning more enjoyable and much easier for students. It will also allow students to be more engaged in the activity. When you use interactive curriculums you are going to allow students to learn faster and better understand the material. It is a non-traditional way of teaching that helps all students learn. By utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods, you will allow everyone to learn how they like. 

Why Typesy?

Typesy is a great way for students to learn how to properly type. This will prepare them for the future when they enter the work environment. Most employers now require the ability to type efficiently so that they can work on a computer. Most employers will not accept those who cannot type. 

Typesy allows people to learn to type in a fun and interactive manner. When you are making the lesson plans, you are helping prepare your students for the future and Typesy allows you to do just that with ease. Typesy makes learning fun again and interactive. Students learn to type through video games and other means.

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