A Message From Our CEO

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Dear Typesy Users,

This message pertains to the recent changes to the “Word Work” section of Typesy.

Word Work is a recent addition to Typesy. The feature focuses on building the vocabulary of Typesy users and offers the great benefit of improved language learning, all while learning to type faster.

However, due to a series of oversights, some inappropriate language recently surfaced in the live version of the Word Work usage examples. Due to the young age of many Typesy users, inappropriate language is not acceptable. We take our responsibility to young Typesy users very seriously. For this reason, we have decided to temporarily disable the additional word usage examples in Typesy.

For the time being, word information will be limited to Typesy’s internal dictionary.

We are currently working hard to create a new version that will add a large amount of rich user-edited content to supplement word learning. We expect this to be ready within 1-2 months.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Marc Slater – CEO

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