Typesy In-Focus: Create Your Own Avatar!

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Typesy is the ultimate software for touch typing training. Here, you can improve your typing skills while acquiring badges and awards by completing a plethora of challenges. But all type and no play will make you a dull typist, so Typesy also gives you numerous options to make your typing experience truly yours.

One such way is by allowing you to personalize your Typesy profile in the most dynamic way possible: by creating your own avatar! You can make your account unique and get yourself a cute mini-version in a few clicks.

You can access your account details by clicking on the circular icon on the upper rightmost of your home screen. Select the profile and hover your mouse over the gray square on the left to see “BUILD AVATAR.” After clicking on that, a new window will pop up asking you to choose between a male or female appearance. You can now start making your avatar!

In making your avatar, you will be exposed to a diverse set of features. You can designs its face, eyes, hair, clothes, and all the features in between in a multitude of shapes, shades, and styles. You can also choose their background and even opt to generate a wacky random avatar if you’re feeling adventurous. Reset mistakes if you have any and once you have finalized your avatar, click save.

For those who prefer not to use an avatar, you can upload your own image instead. Again, hover your mouse over the gray square on the left and click “UPLOAD IMAGE”. Pick any picture from your files and set your profile to your true, beautiful self.

Have as much fun setting up your profile as you do with typing using Typesy. Brighten up your typing training journey with a piece of your personality. Head on over to your Typesy account or sign up now to enjoy a superb touch typing experience.

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