Which is More Important: Speed or Accuracy?

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When it comes to touch typing, the two most common goals are speed and accuracy. Each of these goals provides you an opportunity to define a specific measurable accomplishment that you would like to achieve. Whether you choose a goal of speed or a goal of accuracy, or both together, is a personal decision that should be based on answering this simple question:

What do I hope to achieve by learning touch typing skills?

In order to answer this question and help you decide on your first typing goal, here are some more questions to think about. The answers to these questions will help you prioritize how you use the Typesy system to improve your touch typing skills.

1. Will touch typing help me qualify for a specific type of employment?

2. Will touch typing help me complete more school assignments in less time?

3. Will touch typing help give my written correspondence a more professional appearance?

4. Will touch typing help me realize my dream of opening my own typing business?

5. Will touch typing help me teach a child, relative or other acquaintance touch typing skills?

6. Will touch typing help me be more responsive to questions and other requests for information I encounter on various social media sites?

7. Will touch typing simply allow me to add another valuable skill to my existing skill set?

8. Will touch typing benefit my life in some other way, and if so, how?

Once you define your touch typing goal, whether that’s improved speed or more accuracy, simply enter it into Typesy and let Typesy help you achieve it!

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